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10/19/2005 12:50 PM
This looks like a promising site.Unlike many books and videos I've tried, I think this method will work for me.

I've been surfing this website for a few days now and I've gone through the practice or sample previews. I really like it and feel it won't be a waste of time.

My question is, what cd's should I order?

I'm a begginer. I have boughten books with hundreds of chords, but I need theory. The same can be said for scales and arpegios. I am beyond strum and picking, I think.

Here are the CD's I had in mind: The Basics, Simple Chords, Rythm, Scales, and Santana Style.

My goal is to learn Santana's style of playing. My goal is not to be a superstar, but to be able to jam out with friends once in a while.

Will any teacher here point me in the right direction?
I cant do private lessons, but I can buy the cd's.

Thank you in advance,


Nothing is as it was.
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10/20/2005 10:36 AM
Hi Hec,

I would recommend reading through the lesson previews for the CD titles you mention. You should be able to determine if the lesson is too simple or to difficult for you.

However, in general most of these lessons can be used by anyone who already knows how to play a few chords. The software allows you to slow down the notation to any speed you need to play along.

If you are still not sure, I think you can't go wrong with the titles you mention.

Steve Roeder
Riff Interactive
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10/21/2005 8:18 PM
Thank you Steve.

I appreciate your reply.
I ordered Beggining Guitar VI-Scales and Santana Style. I don't know if I jumped ahead to much. I did exactly as you mentioned, before you mentioned it. I went through the lesson previews for the above cd's I ordered. I felt like I was up to par as far as finger movement is concerned, at least for those lessons. I am really excited about this site, and can't wait to get my lessons.

Thanks Again,


Nothing is as it was.
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11/4/2005 1:27 PM
Hi..Never used this site before. I want to learn the Rolling Stones "Carol" on the "get your ya yas out" cd. Can anyone help me with this?
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5/16/2009 4:15 PM
Don't know if you're still looking for tips on how to play the "Santana Style," but here goes! :)

In my opinion, the best way to learn to play like Santana is to simply copy some of his licks. I'd start with Evil Ways, Oye Como Va, and Black Magic Woman.

As far as theory, there's not a whole lot involved. (And I would guess that Santana is more of a "gut" player, not a "head" player.) He generally uses minor pentatonic scales, with an occasional extra note thrown in.

What is MOST tricky -- and unique -- about Carlos' playing is his timing. He has a signature way of playing around with standard phrasing that gives him his own sound. When you're learning his riffs, listen to them actively, to really get them in your head. Once you can "think" the solos, then start learning them.

Good luck! More info here:

Ultimate Santana
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