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2/11/2003 12:50 PM
Great job, I'll provide a direct link for the other students to check out.

Michael J
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3/8/2003 10:48 AM
Hey Stef,
I liked the Steve Vai solo you improvised, it was quite touching actually as i am a steve Vai fan myself but i have a very long way to go in my solo work.

Thanks for some inspiration :)
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3/8/2003 11:04 AM
Yes Stef
Great job!
Lyle has some very cool Vai licks as well, check out his Vai/Satriani CD-ROM page:

Vai/Satriani CD-ROM Link
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3/12/2003 2:51 AM
thanks guys ;-)) for the compliment...
hey teachers , still waiting for you to contact me (i mailed you long time ago..) to give lesson here lool , it's a bit long don't you think (6 month without any mail , the only 1 was :" wait just a little we have to finish the prog and it's ok it's almost finished;-)) 6 month
thanks anyway
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3/18/2003 9:23 AM
Hi Stef,

Yes, we are searching for more teachers and you seem to have many of the qualities we are looking for.

I assume you speak at least French and English, which is good. We have many students looking for teachers speaking something other than English.

Can you email us at '' regarding this post? Sorry we couldn't get back to you earlier.

Steve Roeder
Riff Interactive
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