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9/14/2007 2:29 PM
Great Site Lyle! I'm honored to be here in the presence of possibly the best of the West Coast Guitar Gods! You definetly ROCK!

If anybody visiting here uses the Rocktron Voodu Valve,(I know Lyle does)..... might you be interested in sharing a few of your favorite homemade presets? (either famous artist tones or your own...NO VOODU PRESETS PLEASE! Although some presets are OK, I find most to be on the "Saturated" side) I have some decent tones I'm willing to share.(just need your email) I'm really interested in the Vai, Satriani, Petrucci, Beck type tone. But I'll give anything cool a try!

All presets I share will be in TEXT form. Allowing you to enter the parameters into your Voodu and listen before you store.

I hope this type of "soliciting" is allowed at this site. It might have been in my best interest to contact Lyle first. If I crossed the line, just delete this post! No offence taken.

Have a Great Day!

Amp-Marshall AVT150X
PreAmp-Voodu Valve
Shetfield loaded Peavey 412
Guitars- Custom Charvel Strat*Jackson RR1(early issue..serial# RR0038)* Ovation Custom Elite(African Cherry Quilt)*Yamaha FG612
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9/26/2007 8:16 AM
Not familiar with the product you mention but Beck is known for using a 50W Marshall head and certain specific effects pedals during various periods. For example, a couple of years ago he used a Snarling Dogs Wah-pedal heavily on an album. The Boss book of effects also mentions at least one pedal was disguised during a tour in Japan. Guitar-wise, he seems to use his signature Fender strat these days but I believe he used a customized Fender Telecaster/Broadcaster fitted with a Gibson pick-up at one stage, and Gibson Les Paul - which he is featured playing on the cover of one of his early albums. (Sorry for my vagueness, I admire Jeff and enjoy some of his work -- but he is not one of my favourites).

Steve Vai uses his various Ibanez signature guitars (Jems, etc) with Floyd Rose trem/vibrato & his signature Legacy stack (by Peavey I think?). Famously uses a cheap boss DS-1 distortion pedal (and sometimes Delay pedal) and one of those whammy-wah pedals for extreme bending effects.

JS also has signature Ibanez guitars & signature amp, head, uses Boss DS-1 and whammy-wah pedal.

I admire the incredible skill of the above, but I'm not really into their tones -- prefer Les Paul into a Marshall or PRS into a Mesa Boogie, with organic overdrive (i.e. when its just a little out of control).

Brian Robertson,Page,Santana,Clapton,King,King,King,Scott Gorham,Berry,Waters,Hendrix,Kossof,Vai
New Post
10/8/2007 1:48 PM
Here's a page on my web site listing the edits on two of my main presets for my Voodu Valve. All i do is either mute the effects here and there, or all together during some recordings. The other thing I'll do is change the delay times to sync with the tempos of the recordings.

Lyle s Voodu Presets
HomeHomeTeachersTeachersLyle RonglienLyle RonglienVoodu Valve Custom SettingsVoodu Valve Custom Settings

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