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9/9/2003 6:50 AM
Hey Lyle,

Interesting Smooth Jazz group lessons. It seems Smooth Jazz is sometimes nothing more than the bastard child of music...and with the associations to elevators and dentists' offices. How can it win?

Anyway, I worked through your second lesson in the series (in Am, which is a key friendly to me). I walked away with some new ideas.

One of the other online forums I frequent is populated primarily with shredders who turn their noses up to this stuff. I do, too, on one hand, but on the other hand, I enjoy playing it..., but it is not something I can actively listen to...or passively, really. At work or while driving, I'd be afraid I would doze off.

I have a mate who plays Blues. When I asked him what he listened to. His response was, "You don't listen to the Blues; you play it!" I think perhaps I'll have to take this tack for Smooth Jazz: low key, fun stuff. Keep it coming. I appreciate your contribution.



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9/9/2003 7:41 AM
We wont tell the shredders out there that you're playing some smooth jazz!

The smooth jazz style contains many different styles of music such as blues, rock, Latin, R&B, funk, hip-hop, and jazz. That's one of the things I like about this style, it's very flexible and open to interpretation. Personally, I don't listen to this style very much but if it has guitar in it I seem to like it. I don't like the sound of the saprano sax ala Kenny G style, but if a guitar is groovin' and soloing around, I can get into it. Example: How about Samba Pa Ti by Carlos Santana? That's a cool smooth jazz style song in my opinion.

Anyway, glad you're jammin' with me on this series and stay tuned for more!
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9/14/2003 11:05 PM
Very well put Lyle! I am personally a metal head by trade I guess, Everything from Ozzy to Slayer and some Hardcore Low tunings in between. I've found that all your lessons have helped me think "Outside the The Box" so to speak. There's a difference in playing a lick as fast as you can, and playing that same lick with feeling. I've found your varying lessons have incressed my playing by 10 fold in that I can take a country style lick, add some distortion and play it faster so it comes out sounding like a hard rock lick. Thank's for the great lessons Lyle!
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9/15/2003 5:28 AM
You're welcome!
Hey, if you get a chance, check out Smooth Jazz - part 5 which I'll be broadcasting live tonight. I'll be showing how a smooth jazz style solo can be turned into a rock style solo very easily.
Stay tuned!
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9/15/2003 7:09 AM
Hey MICRO!!! just found this site.   hhhhmmm, "other" sites with "shredders"?? heh heh, this is cool. Cant wait to dig in.
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