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12/30/2004 3:43 PM

I have not picked up a guitar in nearly 20 years and I have to're web site (especially the Signature riff section) has inspired me to get back into the action. Right now I am all thumbs and find myself trying to relearn much and I want to thank you for all you are doing on your web site.

Much has changed in equipment technology over the years and I admit I am a bit overwhelmed at the moment. I really appreciate all the info you have provided on your own personal setup. I do hope you are able to find the time to expand on this in the future. Perhaps a column you can archive giving your personal review of some of the equipment you currently use.

Something by way of basic schematics of your setup would be nice... for example a simple explanation of how you are hooked up from guitar to amp, and everything sequentially in between. You have mentioned your use of Rocktron Voodoo Valve among other equipment and as a virtual noobie I am just curious how this is all hookd together to get the great sounds that you do.

I know this may be basic info for you and some of your users, but for me, just getting back into the scene it would be info equivilent to pure gold.

Thanks for you time.

p.s. YOur daughter is adorable and I loved the music video you put sure to play it on her wedding day, hehe.
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1/1/2005 1:06 PM
Ok...I've had a chance to rethink my request and realize that it is asking a lot of a busy person.

Since some equipment can be connected in front or behind your amp, how about a quick message identifying your setup chain.

Example: Guitar>>>FBV Shortboard>>>Rocktron Voodoo Valve>>>Flextone III Plus AMP.

I'm just curiouse about the order you are connected.

The reason I ask this is because When I stopped playing I sold my Fender Strat (I really miss that guitar) and my Roland JAzz Chorus AMP and I am now in need of new equipment.

I kept my Fender acoustic, Aria Pro II ZZ deluxe, Roland JX3P Midi Keyboard and some various foot pedals so at least I don't need to start from scratch.

From what I have heard from your recordings, I am leaning heavily towards the Flextone III Plus with the FBV Shortboard to get me started. I can worry about expanding on that when I am proficient again.

Thanks again for your time.
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1/4/2005 7:32 AM
I go direct out of amp to the input of recording device.
Amp Settings
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