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4/18/2005 6:29 AM
Hi Lyle,
I hope you can help :)

I've taught myself a few bits and pieces over the years but never really got beyond some simple chords and some basic riffs. Now I have a bit more time to spare I want to actually play the damn thing properly :)

I have been slowly picking through some of the tutorials you have posted, which I have to admit are pretty cool - pity this stuff wasn't available 20 years ago :)

I have been doing stretch exercises for the last couple of weeks in between picking at some of your riffs, just to get into shape :) . In the last fortnight I think I have developed more that I could have thought possible. Saying that I am still quite rusty at certain bits :) I know the saying is practice practice practice but, here's my question :)

As an example, In speed techniques 2, Lick 8, G Minor pentatonic, assuming that someone (like me for example ), had never seen it before but was able to pick things slowly, What would be a reasonable timescale to set oneself for playing that lick cleanly and fast (or proper speed as you would probably call it) and more importantly smoothly :)

I know its the $64,000 question since you don't know me but everywhere I look there seems to be nothing to indicate what would be a good, bad or give up now timescale for anything. This is the biggest problem I have, although I know I am progressing I have no idea if I am doing well for the time spent.

I hope none of this is gibberish to you :) but I'm just not sure what is a reasonable timescale for stuff - e.g
G Minor pentatonic - x - x hours if you are crap (like me)
G Minor pentatonic - x - x hours if you are ok
G Minor pentatonic - x - x hours if you are good

I know its a really hard question and I apologise for it but it needs asking :)

Either way I know I'm learning loads from your stuff (and others) from riffinteractive, a totally awesome resource :)

Thanks in advance

New Post
4/18/2005 9:48 AM
Sorry that should be
lick 4 - Gm pentatonic riff
Lick 8 is a bit ambitious for me just now

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