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3/5/2003 7:59 PM
I have been playing guitar casually for several years now. After a few classes and working through some basic guitar methods, I feel comfortable playing in public and now lead worship music at my church from time to time.

I recently (about 6 months ago) purchased a Martin DC16-GTE with a Venetian cutaway and a nice Fishman stereo blender. I am not satisfied with the standard issue Martin strings, however. They seem to corrode way too quickly and begin to lose their tune after about a month or less. Are there better strings available that you would recommend? I have heard the Martin SPs are pretty good, and also have heard good things about the Elixir brand of strings- any suggestions?? Thanks!


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3/6/2003 4:47 AM
Congratulations on moving your casual hobby out into the public and sharing it with people!

If you are playing this guitar often, a month the string life doesn't seem that out of line. I change strings on my main guitar before important events or every couple of weeks. On less played guitars, once every 3 months. The better tone and playability make it well worth it. Washing your hands before practicing and wiping down the strings after playing will extend string life.

You don't have restrict yourself to the same brand of strings that came with your guitar. I like the Martin strings. I have used the Elixir, too. They have a coating on them to increase string life. A little more expensive but give 'em a try. Other brand names are GHS, D'Addario, Dean Markley, Fender and Ernie Ball. Experiment until you find one you prefer for you and your guitar.

You do want to use the same gauge of string, though. Your acoustic guitar was probably setup with light guage strings. Changing to a heavier or lighter gauge might entail a setup of your guitar from your local guitar tech.

I hope that helps. Thanks for writing.

Rock On!
Storm S.
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5/3/2004 5:44 PM
Like SS says, a month isn't bad. A lot depends upon your individual skin chemistry. Some people go through strings in a week or less.

Strings really differ. Experiment and see which you like best. John Pearse strings work well for me. If you use alterate tunings, you might want to check out Nutones - if you can find them.

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5/11/2004 7:15 AM
Hello, guitars and guitarists sometimes respond differently to different sets of strings. Every acoustic guitar has a different personality. Experiment by trying different strings every 4 to 8 weeks for a while.   Also notice if the "new" or "broken in" sound of a set is personally best.    You and your guitar might even respond best to a certain set of strings for bassy sounds and another set of strings for trebly sounds.   Possible to later create a mixed set of strings by purchasing two different sets and using just the preferred strings from each set or buying the individual strings in boxes of ten. For convenience a standard set in all likelihood will be sufficient.

HomeHomeTeachersTeachersStorm StenvoldStorm Stenvoldacoustic strings- any suggestions?acoustic strings- any suggestions?

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