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11/14/2002 5:45 PM
Hey Rusty,

Glad to see your back. I play mostly rock and blues but I like to listen to the guys like Albert Lee and Brent Mason. They are the only two I'm familiar with. Do you have any suggestions of any other good country players to listen to?


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11/14/2002 6:42 PM
Oh Yeah! There are a lot of great country players out there.

Chek out:

All Around Players

Albert Lee, Brent Mason, Danny Gatton, The Hellecasters, Scotty Anderson, (unbelievable player!)

Nashville / Studio Players

Kerry Marx, Johnny Hiland, Reggie Young, Dan Huff etc.

Older Players

Chet Atkins, Hank Garkland, Jimmy Bryant, James Burton etc.


Vince Gill, Brad Paisley, Kieth Urban etc.


Duke Levine has some great solo stuff. Jim Campilongo (sp?) has some cool stuff sorta like Danny Gatton gone crazy. Imagine that!

There is a cd of some Texas players called Travis County Picking. I believe that's the name. That's got some great stuff on it. It's really different but still country.

Rock players like Steve Morse, Eric Johnson, and Zakk Wilde

Steve Travato just put out a new CD that's really good. You should check out his home page. You can order his cd from there. That's probably the newest solo CD that's come out with some good picking on it. He's like Danny Gatton, The Hellecasters, etc. He covers a lot of different styles.

That's just a few. I've found a lot of good players just from searching the internet that I'd never heard of. I can't recall any names but sometimes you can find some good stuff at

I'm sure others can add to the list. That should keep you busy for awhile. See if we can't convert you over to country!

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11/16/2002 9:05 AM
Country music is SO under-appreciated. I swear, most people don't even know that it's the blues :P
I have to admit, I've had some issues with the slower, softer side of country...but that's mostly the commercial side of things anyway. You have to give music a chance based on it's entirety I think. Besides, I adore Johnny Cash ;)
Just my thoughts.
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11/16/2002 9:19 AM
I don't really like most of the pop-country that's around currently... but I think country guitar players are some of the best players. I would like to learn a lot more of their secrets to incorporate into my own style.
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11/16/2002 2:39 PM
I think the both of you have taken a common opinion that most people have. Whether or not they will admit it most people like some form of country music. That mostly depends on your definition of country.

It's strange but I hated country music growing up. I started playing at around 10 or 11. About that time my dad bought a boat and would drag me to the lake every weekend. My dad was from Detroit and we had lived in SC as far as I could remember. But at that age I thought northerners and southerners were different. Not that northerners don't fish or listen to country music just as much as in the south. It just seemed like dad was trying to hard to fit into his surroundings and be a godd ole boy. I of course always made fun of him. Anyways, I hated going to the lake. We'd sit there all day, not catch anything, freeze to death or fry in the sun, and have to listen to country music. It seemed like every other song was Alabama. I think I payed more attention to it more than he did but I could'nt understand why he wanted to listen to that stuff. I thought since he was from Detroit he'd like Alice Cooper, Kiss, Ted Nuget, or maybe Mowtown but he was about as ignorant to them as I was to bass fishing. As time passed I began to appreciate going to the lake and actually looked forward to it. I don't know maybe the music and the whole southern scene dad was trying so hard to fit in finally embraced him. We started catching fish, entering tournaments, there was always something to do at the lake, and by the time 16 and 17 hit you can imagine the good habits I'd picked up by hanging around grown men with only fishing on their minds. Anyways, all through that time period it was nothing but country music. I guess I built a tolerance to it or started to enjoy it. After spending all of those summers at the lake, I remember one thing very vivid. Everytime there was something happening like a holiday or party, there was always a country band. The type of country band that played played a little rock or other stuff but it was never the other way around. The only time I ever saw any good heavy or rock acts were at concerts. Once I saw some these of these small country bands play live, I began to appreciate the music a little more. Finally I got to where I could get out and do the same thing. Eventually dad had a stroke, the bank took the boat, the IRS wanted the house, and the wife got a divorce. That's the honest God's truth. I told dad when I was young not to listen to that country music. It sucked him in like some redneck voodoo charm and we ended up like an old washed up sad country song. I guess any way I look at it, like it or not, I could'nt get away from it.      
HomeHomeTeachersTeachersRusty CashRusty CashSuggestions for good country players?Suggestions for good country players?

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