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3/31/2004 5:18 AM
Zoom GFX707II Guitar Multi Effects Pedal
List Price: $259.99 You Save: 42.32%
AMS Price: $149.95
In Stock: Yes
I have this pedal and I've used it for home recording and studio work. I love this little booger. I had a little trouble mastering this thing in a live band situation. First off... It's so light that its easy to loose it if you don't tape it or hold down to the floor. You'll go to step on it and you'll find it has moved. If your guitar cord gets caught on it, it flips over very easily. This FX is very light. You can uses patches/banks for each song. I try not to use more then 3 effects per song. Making number 2 effect my main guitar sound for the song, the 1 and 3 effect my wet or dry or lead effects. I love the wah-wah pedal on this thing. Believe me, I really give this expression pedal a work out in a live situation. Please... You must read the book on this one. It's a small computer, so you need to program it like a cell phone. Not a lot of buttons, but each button can mean different things when corresponding to other buttons at the same time. Gobs and Gobs of functions and perameters. I liked the little drums loops. You can use headphones and jam too. I really haven't messed with the recording and looping of a few seconds. I recomend this Guitar Pedal Effect. You can find the The ZOOM GFX-707 1st generation of this effect in pawn shops for a dime a dozen. Just make sure you test it before leaving the store. You can get the operational manual on line if you buy it from a pawn shop and they don't have one.

p.s. Operates up to 11 hours on 4 AA batteries. It doesn't come with an adaptor. Sorry... Radio Shack here we come!!!

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