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11/8/2002 6:26 PM
It's sure good to be talking with two guitar geniuse's....what a privelege.
I agree private lessons is definately the way to go....but bear this in mind.
The South African Rand is 10 to your a Private lesson costing me $20 is in fact R200...dont get me wrong it's worth it....but it's a lot of dough which means I have to really think carefully about what I should ask for on each lesson.
For eg if I ask you to make me up a lesson with certain Boston/Foreigner/Bryan Adams rythem riffs on many riffs do you think you'd fit into one lesson and how long would it be.
Or let's say I said Pink Floyd solo's.....would each lesson be devoted to one solo or could we do a couple of solo's per lesson.
Or perhaps if you made me up a personal CD rom with let's say 2 hours of lessons of my much would that be.
So I agree your private lessons or personal cd rom lessons is a brilliant idea.....Im just working out what financial route would be best for me.

Regarding the rythem technique Im looking to learn.
If you have the time please take a listen to this song...its a instrumental but I like the rythem tech.
Here's the link
The song is Riffvalley.
it's kind of a Foreigner/Boston rythem.I wanna learn to play rythem this way.

Please if you can answer some of my questions Id appreciate it.


Pink Floyd & David Gilmour,nothing more to say
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11/30/2002 1:40 AM
I saw one of Pink Floyd's concert movies once. David Gilmore was playing some of those leads on a pedal steel. It might have been a lap steel, but whatever it was he really nailed it!
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11/30/2002 2:52 PM
I saw Gilmour solo tour and he was playing a Fender Lap steel through a rack of effects. It sounded amazing!!!
Michael J
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4/16/2004 2:10 AM
I guess I am just missing something here? I recently learned the solo to "Comfortably Numb", and I couldn't tell you one scale from another, or probably anything else that would help out. Is it just that I can pick up these notes just from reading TAB, and sound pretty close to the original?
I have always wanted to take lessons, but still not exactly sure what I would ask to be teached?
I recently wrote the TAB to this backing track I was using for the guitar competition at Guitar Center, track 11. I know very little about music theory and all that stuff, I just pick it up and play.
Good luck all!
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4/16/2004 4:58 AM
If you don't know what you should learn, you should learn what you don't know. Start with basic music theory and go from there.
HomeHomeTeachersTeachersCommunityCommunityTeach us the right things.Teach us the right things.

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