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9/14/2007 2:35 PM
Great Site Lyle! I'm honored to be here in the presence of possibly the best of the West Coast Guitar Gods! You definetly ROCK!

If anybody visiting here uses the Rocktron Voodu Valve,(I know Lyle does)..... might you be interested in sharing a few of your favorite homemade presets? (either famous artist tones or your own...NO VOODU PRESETS PLEASE! Although some presets are OK, I find most to be on the "Saturated" side) I have some decent tones I'm willing to share.(just need your email) I'm really interested in the Vai, Satriani, Petrucci, Beck type tone. But I'll give anything cool a try!

All presets I share will be in TEXT form. Allowing you to enter the parameters into your Voodu and listen before you store.

I hope this type of "soliciting" is allowed at this site. It might have been in my best interest to contact Lyle first. If I crossed the line, just delete this post! No offence taken.

Have a Great Day!

Amp-Marshall AVT150X
PreAmp-Voodu Valve
Shetfield loaded Peavey 412
Guitars- Custom Charvel Strat*Jackson RR1(early issue..serial# RR0038)* Ovation Custom Elite(African Cherry Quilt)*Yamaha FG612
HomeHomeTeachersTeachersCommunityCommunityVoodu Valve PresetsVoodu Valve Presets

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