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2/1/2005 6:44 PM
Hi Guys.
As some of you know, I'm a music journalist from Canadian Guitar Player magazine.
I had a guitarist from New Orleans send me his Cd.His name is Paul Bibbins and he is a one piece act.He plays lead guitar and programs drums and bass into his music.
He is influenced way too much by Hendrix,and includes an overabundance of fuzz and effects,which overload and cover his guitar work.
As well his acoustic work on this album has too many notes within his phrases.Paul said that the media had rave reviews for his album:Songs from the index of fools.
I am an accomplished music writer,and understand he might feel slighted at my thoughts on his work.
But anyone who has been in the music business a long time
running a studio,label or a musician would feel that this album is simply garbage.
Oh hell,Paul will probably get more club work and interest from labels because of my review that denigrates
his piece of junk cd.
I'll have my review of Paul Bibbin's:Songs from the index of fools on the site sometime this month.
if you still want to hear snippets of Paul's work,go to
If you have any common sense whwn it comes to reviewing music you won't like it.
Then again i'm acting like an A&R weasel aren't I.
I like being an asshole sometimes.


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4/9/2005 3:37 AM
oh my god. **pukes**

He can't play guitar! I was playing this stuff when I first discovered blues scales after having played for 3 months or something. Horrible, just horrible. He has a good african american voice though, but get serious! He sounds like a little kid who just picked up a guitar.

if you wanna the stuff i recorded early on, it still sounds better. go to

this is funny, from his website:

Location and time of my next gig

Date: No gig presently scheduled.


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5/31/2005 2:38 PM are just an arrogant jackass...
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5/31/2005 2:59 PM
i listend to what you call music...possibly the worst i have ever heard from anyone...first of all, dont sing...EVER!!! second of all, you also only play pentatonic scales in one spot, which is what you accuse wylde of using as if he was comittimng a crime...your arrogance will be your downfall my friend

your vocals absolutely blow...sound like a dying rabbit...
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5/31/2005 3:02 PM
marazm1...your a poser
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