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11/16/2005 10:17 AM
Try the neck pickup. Turn off the delay and reverb so you are only listening to the guitar and amp sound.
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2/4/2006 6:29 PM
Use a Seymour Duncan Humbucker in the neck position or a comparable pickup a Marshall or other Dual channel amp. Mix the clean channel with the dirty channel and the tone knob on the axe and you will find it. Treb, Bass, and Mids on amp set to around 5 to 6. Worked for me good luck!
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5/16/2009 4:04 PM
Quote: Originally posted by dusty on 06 November 2005
I am on the way... but still it lacks something!
The guitar doesn't yawl as it should... does somehone has a tip to add some sustain to the sound? Probably plying with echos?

There are several components to the famous Santana sustain. Here are the ones I know of.

1) His axe, a solidbody PRS guitar, has good, resonant wood, humbucking pickups, and small, hidden chambers in the body (more on those later).

2) The Mesa Boogie amp he uses delivers super saturated gain (a common feature of many amps today, and one that Carlos encouraged the development of!).

3) Before his show, he finds the "sweet spot" on the stage; where holding notes will feed back enough to sustain them, but not to "squeal." Then he marks the spot with tape, and stands there when he needs a note to last forever.

You can get more info here:

Santana Gear and Tone

Hope that helps! :)
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12/24/2009 7:52 AM

When getting a Santana sound, you have to specify era: Early, like "Black Magic Woman?" Middle, like "Europa" live? Or later, like "Smooth."

But I can tell you how he gets his sustain, which is based on 3 elements (none of which is an effect):

1) Guitar with good natural sustain, and humbucking pickups

2) Saturated amp, like Mesa Boogie

3) Before each show, he cranks the amp up to performance volume, and finds the "sweet spot," where the notes will feedback enough to last forever, but not enough to squeal.

Hope that helps! More info here: Ultimate Santana

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