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4/30/2004 7:43 PM
I have a question about the content of the CDs.

Is there additional content aside from what is on the previews?

For example, the Eddie Van Halen Style CD preview shows 5 lessons: (1) Rhythm, (2) Rhythm/Licks/Tapping, (3) Two-handed soloing, (4) Van Halen-Sammy Hagar Era and (5) Licks.

Are there more lessons than that? If so, how many more?

Also, are the sample lessons that are provided complete or is there more to each lesson than is shown?

Dont get me wrong, I am not criticizing. The content is great. I just what to know what exactly I am getting on the CD.


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5/3/2004 2:04 PM
Hi Clark,

Your understanding is essentially correct. We call them lesson "previews" instead of lesson samples. We want our customers to know exactly what they are getting. The text for the lesson previews are complete.

The CDs have at least 5 lessons each, some have 6 or 7.

Steve Roeder
Riff Interactive
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12/27/2005 7:42 PM
i have purchased a number of riff interactive cds in the past. this is the first time in a while i logged into the site to look for some more.

one thing i noticed is that it's nice now that the text in the preview is complete. (it used to be only a partial text preview when way back when i bought the cds)

i was disappointed to find that NONE of the audio samples are not available for preview anymore. i can understand why - but riffinteractive should at least make the Lesson Sample audio file (at the top of each lesson) available for listening.

i am ready to purchase five or six more cds, but narrowing them down and making final selections is tough without hearing the short lesson overview samples for each lesson.

i'm not asking for all of the sounds to be available - just the lesson overview. if i could have heard these - my order would have already been placed and paid for tonight! ;)

p.s. riff interactive lessons are a great product.
HomeHomeGeneralGeneralRiff Interactiv...Riff Interactiv...question about CD contentquestion about CD content

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