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5/7/2007 12:38 PM
Quote: Originally posted by TEACHER:LyleR on 07 May 2007
Hi Kite,

Thanks for your input. We are trying to protect our work. I don't like all the hard work I put into making these lessons getting ripped off. I don't teach just for fun, I do it to help earn a living. Always trying to make using the Riff Interactive software easier and better for you, the student.

I have no problem with people protecting their work. All it takes is 50 people who have the same rant as I do to tell 50 other people and so on and you might be doing it only for fun.
At some point the lack of sales due to annoying authorization may not be worth the price of risking piracy. So far Cakewalk has decided to put faith in it's current users to keep them afloat. Izotope was going to have their products protected by PACE until they got a flood of emails of consumers said they would no longer buy their products.
There are 2 sides to every coin.

I like that I can get RI lessons without waiting in the mail but getting the license reissue takes about as long.

Until this is improved your sales will be slow from this consumer. I have 14 purchases from RI (not including ones I bought as gifts). 12 Cds, 2 software. Feel free to look that up and verify.

MIM Tele
Washburn I64
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5/7/2007 12:57 PM
Quote: Originally posted by ADMIN:SteveR on 07 May 2007
I see order 10328 placed on Sat, but I don't see the request for a reissue. I have reset it now. Send email to 'orders@riffinteractive' for more information and directions.

Steve Roeder
Riff Interactive

Order Number 10328
Paul Young
Sat, 05 May 2007 11:42:12 -0500

I bought another file and for some reason it would not open up on the computer I use for RI files. I downloaded it on another computer (did not open the file) and transferred it to my other system and it would not open it up. It told me I needed to get a license.
But it opens up on the computer I downloaded it.

Is there something in the licensing that causes this?

Please send me another license reissue.

That was sent Sat.

So there's a problem here. You are not getting my email and my email does not come back rejected. I don't think that problem is on my end.

So will I have to download this directly to the machine I want it on?

MIM Tele
Washburn I64
HomeHomeGeneralGeneralRiff Interactiv...Riff Interactiv...My Rant about the new formatMy Rant about the new format

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