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10/18/2002 9:56 AM
To the thousands of students out there that have bought any of the Riff Interactive CD-ROMs, I'd like to hear from you what your favorite lessons are and how they helped you become a better guitar player.

Info from you not only helps us make better lessons, but it can also inspire other students who might not have tried these lessons.

Thanks, Lyle
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2/18/2003 2:33 AM
I've just received my first CD,Rock Legends III,and I live in the NE of Yorkshire,UK.Within a few days of ordering the CD arrived. This CD has the styles of Clapton,Page,Beck,Santana and Hendrix.I've only just got it but I've been working on the Clapton and Hendrix styles to start off, and to say I'm impressed is an understatement.I'm in my fifties and have been playing on and off for years and was sort of stuck in a rut with riffs etc,well this disk has opened up new avenues,and for the first time I can see how these guitarists who I grew up with, sort of,actually played.With the videos on the disk it's like as if you were sat in at the rehearsal.
You got my vote.

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2/18/2003 1:55 PM
Thanks Major!

Your feedback is appreciated and taken very seriously. If there is anything about the site or the software that you think can be improved, let us know that also.

Steve Roeder
Riff Interactive
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2/23/2003 2:55 AM
I love your improvisation CD Rom. I have also enjoyed the slide lessons and I would like to see more.

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5/20/2003 11:29 AM
I've got 6 of the CD's, and have been working on them for about a week now. Every one has something pretty terrific on it.

In the Understanding Chords and Arpeggios lesson, I think the most enlightening thing was when they were talking about chords that are diatonic to a key, and the teacher asked the students to choose some chords at random and he would put them together into a progression. And it sounded great! That really gave me a whole new understanding of things. I'm sure I'll be working on a lot of songwriting ideas using what I learned in that lesson.

In the Angus Young lesson, I finally got the phrasing right. I had tried to learn his stuff using tab, and I could learn the notes and play them fast enough, but the phrasing was totally off. Being able to slow the music on the CD down to 40% and learn the lick like a slow melody, and then gradually build up the speed, finally enabled me to play his stuff right.

And the Guitarists of Ozzy CD - what can I say! Some of those Randy Rhoads licks are truly awesome. I'm sure they'll all be part of my repertoire soon.

I also like to kick back and just listen to the intro video on the Modes CD. That is some really cool playing. Much better than anything on the radio! It's very inspiring to hear stuff like that. Like when I first heard the live Randy Rhoads solo on the Tribute album, it made me practice more than ever before. The intro video on modes does the same thing for me.
HomeHomeGeneralGeneralRiff Interactiv...Riff Interactiv...What’s Your Favorite Riff CD-ROM?What’s Your Favorite Riff CD-ROM?

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