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2/26/2005 6:14 PM
Does anyone have this amp? I just bought it and I am very happy with it so far. My main problem is that I live in an apartment, and even with only 4-12" speakers, I can only turn this thing up to "1" before the neighbors complain. I also have to turn the Bass control down quite a bit, this thing will nock your eyes out with bass! I plan on playing with a band soon, so that is why I purchased an amp of this size. I am also planning on buying the "slanted cab" and making it a full stack once I get with a band.

Also, does anyone have any favorite or recommended settings. I like AC/DC and Bad Company. But any other settings would be appreciated. Clean settings as well.
I play two Schecter C-1+ guitars, one is cherry burst, the other is honey burst. I bough them both new at guitar center in 2002 on sale. I love the feel and sound of them. Of course my dream is a couple of PRS guitars, but these are fantastic for the money I paid for them. I love the V-shaped inlays.
On the AMP:
I have the "Y" cable and I am running a "Morley Little Alligator" volume pedal, Boss RV3(use for delay only) and Boss Noise gate, in the effects loop. I also run a Boss MT-2 Distortion in front of the amp. I use the MT-2 for distorting through the clean channel only.

"There is nothing new under the sun"
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2/27/2005 2:02 PM
I dont have that amp but do use a Crate DX212 modeling amp. I thinks its every bit as good as the line 6. crate makes great stuff.

I think PRS guitars are over rated. I can buy 4-5 really good guitars for the price of one.

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2/28/2005 11:44 AM
I don't have that amp, but I know someone that did. They are incredibly loud.

You might need to build an "isolation box" and play it inside.
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8/4/2005 7:29 PM
Howdy quincyp!

Well, this is my very 1st post here..heh! So here goes.

I'm currently running a Crate GXT-100. Its a pretty decent little amp running two 12"s. I've had rather good success at using the following settings on all my amps for the most part.

For starters, I'll only be describing what I'd call 'clean' setting. ( But really I like it to distort when I start hitting harder!)

Generaly, I like to have the Main volume turned up, way up to about 4 or half way even. ( yes, this is for quiet practice time at home )

Then I'll have the Gain about 3/4 all the way up. ( or all the way up if more crunch is desired )

Bass knob @ 3/4
Mid Knob @ 1/4 ( or less )
High Knob @ 3/4 heavy^

Hopefully those guitars of yours have good clean knobs on them, cause this is where you'll be ever so gently playing your strings and raising your volume button to a desired level. Volume and tone buttons both actualy.

Of course this is all rather ball park in clarity, but this is still pretty close to how I like to run my amps.

Anyhow, just some food for thought. Maybe give you something to try out.


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9/23/2005 4:26 PM
My suggestion would be just get a practice amp, then you dont have to worry about complaining neighbors...Get a small tube amp, go to a music store and get one.


-Ibanez Gax 30
-Fender stage 100 DSP
-some effects.
-4 string bass
HomeHomeGeneralGeneralEquipmentEquipmentCrate GT1200H Half StackCrate GT1200H Half Stack

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