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4/13/2005 4:03 AM
First thanks to pandora427 for starting this thread, I was in the advanced stages of purchasing
my next guitar and has luck would have it found this site the forum and *this* thread.
I previously owned a gibson and strat copiy with standard scale lengths and never felt comfortable
with certain bar chords (1st position fmajor for example)
Because of that limitation i'd pretty much resigned myself to just messing around on the guitar as opposed to actually learning to play it.

I'd say I have small to medium size hands and had no idea that there were guitars with different scale lengths apart from childrens guitars which would be a little on the small size for me.

trailblazer912 rightly pointed out it is ridiculous to ask someone with smaller hands to try and do the same as someone who copes with a full size scale length.
Actually I am disappointed in my guitar tutor for not bringing scale length to my attention as it was obvious I was struggling, I no longer take lessons from him ...I just gave up trying. If I bump into him I'll be sure to mention scale length to him!

stratrhythm - thanks for your advice I am now the proud owner of a Jagmaster with a 24 inch scale length which is just about perfect for my needs. all the chords I previously had trouble with and the various stretches are now within a comfortable range.
I can't tell you what a difference this has made to my playing. The jagmaster has a lovely action with a nice small kneck, its incredibly comfortable.
I purchased mine from the uk for £179.00 (well worth it)
They also have an ebay shop

To anyone else who is struggling I strongly advise a smaller scale length it'll make the world of difference to your playing as well as your enjoyment.

After finding this thread I did some research on various other sites and there seemed to be some confusion about scale length, some thought smaller scale length meant less threts which can be the case but the *IMPORTANT* factor is the thret spacing which decreases or increases depending on the scale length.

Right I am off to get some practice in :)

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4/13/2005 9:44 AM
hi folks.....

the scale length thang.....ok...scale length as i described is the measurement from where the string slots into the nut (white or usually white bone or plastic) guide thin block at the end of the guitar which has the headstock....the keys or machines that wind the string on......from there to....where the other end of the string slots over the saddle....the piece on top of the bridge which holds the string to guide it into where it is fastened at the body end...tail piece or whatever you like to call it.......

sorry i have been giving measurements in mm...which is how we measure here in nz.....but i am sure you folks can find tape measures that have both metric and imperial sizes on it....

for quite small adult hands...621mm or 24 inches is quite good.....again my experiments over the 10yrs.....have shown is not the depth or width of the much as the lateral stretches which are the problem.......although some classical and acoustic style guitars have great chunky necks......fine for people with great we say...

don't forget if you are tuning at the concert pitch ie....a regular tuner for guitars is set.....the strings can become flabby....because they do not need to be tensioned so much.......some sets may be ok.....but i buy from the USA just a range of strings which they have to cope with all different scale lengths......this may seem long winded....but because i have made this a passionate study for the past decade...and now know it is just so is a true litte reflect on....which the ones of us who have had to cope with small hands and wanting to get better with our playing..........a man engaged me to play for his very ill wife one saturday avo....he was having a barbecue....and all the family were to be present...she adored spanish music....and was bedridden at only 39yrs.....and i was to go to her bedroom and play a few pieces as well as others afterwards.....

when the gig was over he came to me with this....strange looking acoustic guitar....with only 4 strings on it was not a bass...but he had tweaked....or should i say cut 2 strings off it and tuned it like i don't know what on earth he had it tuned to.....but he strummed ...some tune....and guess what...i said...what have you done to the guitar.....oh...i just cut the strings off hands are too large....yikes! they were blimin huge.......well there's a laugh.....see y'all......zippy/trailblazer912

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4/25/2005 9:40 PM

   I have been playing guitar for 39 years and I have
   been teaching for 20 years off and on. I,ve played
   just about every guitar there is, and I really
   can't answer your question without looking at your
   hands. Are you doing warm up exercises? I know I
   have really small hands too, but onces I warm up
   properly, I seem to have an advantage. I just
   bought a violin and I couldn't believe how
   comfortable it felt in my hands. It was almost like
   it was made for me. If you have problems with a
   Stat, I don't think your problem is the size of the
   neck. It sounds like you have the desire to play,
   but forgive me for saying this, you need to find
   a qualified teacher. I've had to tell students that that they needed to go in another direction. I've even been acused of being a bad teacher, but I'm not in it for
   the money. You should'nt have a problem by now.
   Don't give up, and I hope you I didn't offend you                 
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4/25/2005 10:52 PM
i measure the chord hand...right or left....actually measuring the finger length to give you some idea of the huge differences in folks finger lengths and also the width of the back of the chord hand

using the base skin crease at the bottom of any of the chord hand fingers....with the hand laid...palm upwards....and the back of the hand as flat as one is flatten or get the hand flat and the fingers...straight.....using caliphers.....or slide caliphers....from there to just touching the tip...of the particular...the littlest a way i have found for measuring....

i believe there is a lot more variety of scale length guitars in all kinds of guitars available as each year goes by..and you will just keep going until you get that pearl of great great satisfaction to to speak.... hopefully not at great price............cheers......zippy......trailblazer

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8/22/2005 9:46 AM
Angus young has small hands thats why he plays an gibson sg.

Tommy Jones
HomeHomeGeneralGeneralEquipmentEquipmentSmall Hands - Any guitar suggestions?Small Hands - Any guitar suggestions?

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