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5/4/2006 10:38 PM
Hi people,

I own a wireless system - SHURE T4N and T1 bodypack for guitar and I'm struggling with a problem wich i can't resolve by consulting the knowledge base at the shure site :-((
The setup works excellent with my ibanez roadstar 2 (steve lukather)and fender USA strat.. but fails with my gibson SG and it drives my really crazy.
When i put the selector switch from the SG all down (in that position the guitar sounds the most heavy) and i play my chords hard, the wireless system has some dropouts.
In the other 2 positions of the selector there is no problem at all !
I have the impression that my SG provides too many output level (only in the bottom position of the selector switch) for the wireless system... can that be possible ?
I also tried with a gibson les paul and it has the same problem !
The gain on the bodypach is set to minimum.
When I reduce the volume button on the guitar, the problem is resolved also, but that affects my tone (less gain).
Is there anyone having the same problem ?

Many many thanks for the answers !!!!

With kind regards,
Wim Coppens from Belgium
HomeHomeGeneralGeneralEquipmentEquipmentwireless T4Nwireless T4N

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