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8/19/2007 8:30 AM
hi everybody

i search the sound of carlos...
i use a Dual caliber MesaBoogie anD GNX4 Digitech with Gibson L6S
                     Equalizer: V

Is it a good setting ? can i have a better set for this amp ?

i use A gnx4 digitech : small tubescreamer and small delay.

someone can help me to find a good sound ? ty

ty for yours answers...


hi everybody and peace
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12/24/2007 4:33 PM
IZP6 Has It down. thats Carlos's setup, the only thing that I will add is that you can try and recreate Carlos's sound with other amps and you can come close but the Boogie is the magic.Also in the early 70's he used the all Mahagony Yamaha sg 2000 with Super II P.Us Not Dimarzios or what people think they were specially wound P.Us by Semour Duncan. I have played Mark I, II , and III amps from Boogie among others(Marshalls , Hiwatts, Fenders Etc.) for years and I can always get his tone with a fat mahagony guitar and the amps at the settings that the other gentleman mentioned. Its extremely loud , but its the only way. As far as his Prs sound compared to before. I dont think it holds a candle at all.

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4/18/2008 4:43 PM
Check out Freddie's myspace site if you really want to hear the real Santana sound!

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4/18/2008 4:55 PM
I myself use a MesaBoogie quad with a Boogie fifty-fifty power amp and two 1 X 12 speaker cabs loaded with original 417 Altecs.
The sound is very soulful when played with a Gibson elegant Les Paul.

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8/28/2008 4:56 AM
hi all...

Carlos sound...with DC5 MESA/BOOGIE

gain :5
treble : 3
middle : 9
bass :2
presence: 3

output level : 6

you can play with little compressor ,smooth tube screamer , little reverb ... (gnx4)

do it.... make it...


hi everybody and peace
HomeHomeGeneralGeneralEquipmentEquipmentSantana´s soundSantana´s sound

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