Wednesday, Week 1

Progressive Rock Guitarists

Today's lick is based around the A7#9 chord, otherwise known as an Altered Dominant chord. These are great chords to solo over because there are notes "outside" of our blues or pentatonic scales that we can use to give us more options for licks. Generally, the dominant scale is root, maj2, maj3, 4th, 5th, maj6, and b7th. The Dominant scale is like a major scale, but with a b7th instead of the maj7th. When we have an altered dominant chord to play over, like the A7#9 chord, there can be several other notes we can add to the scale. They are the b5, #5, b9 and #9. In the first half of today's lick, I play all of these "extra" notes, and then I jump back into a familiar blues lick at the end to bring it all home. Using this lick will give you a jazz/rock fusion sound in the style of Frank Gambale.

Learn this lick and then practice to

teacher: Lyle Ronglien
skill level:
Key:  A7