British Blues Rock

Today's lick is a classic British blues-rock phrase.  This line is played in G and takes place over a D-C-G progression, like the final section of a 12-bar blues sequence in G.  String bending and vibrato are essential aspects of this lick. Note the wide vibrato and bends in bar one, and the half-step bends in measures two and three.  This lick has several interesting melodic features.  The basic melody is derived from the G Mixolydian Mode (G-A-B-C-D-E-F), however the non-scale tones B flat and F sharp are added judiciously in the course of the line.  The sixth step E is emphasized in measure one.  A characteristic Claptonesque three-note neighbor-tone figure (G-F#-G), which reinforces the tonic G, is exploited in measure three.  All these elements are hallmarks of the British blues-rock guitar style of the late 1960s.  The lick is again played with the Gibson Les Paul-Marshall combination which epitomizes the guitar tone of the genre

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teacher: Wolf Marshall
skill level:
Key:  G