Guitar F/X Licks

Our final lick of the week is a tribute to the great Duane Eddy, the king of "twangy guitar" and a primary figure in the instrumental rock and roll movement.  Eddy's signature use of reverb, echo and tremolo was highly influential to guitarists in the 1950s and 1960s, and presaged the popular use of multi-effects.  This lick features a characteristic bass-line type of melody in F major with low-register string bends, which was a Duane Eddy specialty.  The phrase is doctored with liberal amounts of reverb and tremolo.  The reverb is set for the spacious "hall effect" to simulate a large open auditorium.  The tremolo controls are set with the speed at 100% and tremolo intensity at 50%.

Learn this lick and then practice to

teacher: Wolf Marshall
skill level:
Key:  E