Wednesday, Week 1

Jazz Connection w/Don Mock

The guitar being a "graphic" instrument offers an almost unlimited supply of shapes. Containing as little as 2 notes to 10 or more, fingerboard shapes are a powerful device for improvisers. This lick for
C dom 7 uses descending "X" shapes. Play the first two notes as pickups with the A note being on the downbeat of one. After some 4th interval shapes for the next 6 notes, you can clearly see the "X" shapes begin in groups of 6 notes. Lines similar to this can also sound good as 8th-note-triplets. Use the Riff loop & tempo control to slow the tab to your skill level. You can also check out the picking video for additional help.

Learn this lick and then practice to

teacher: Don Mock
skill level:
Key:  F Major