Tuesday, Week 1

Jazz Connection w/Don Mock

Today's lick is for 
A dom 7 and would be considered a jazz/bebop line however, by adding bends to a few notes, it also becomes a cool blues riff. The first note (G) is bent a whole step up to A. The next bend occurs on the F# but with only a 1/2 step bend up to G. The rest of the line is all in the A dom 7 scale (D major) with several b5 passing notes pushing the melody along. You'll notice that I play this line in a very horizontal fashion (between the 10th and 2nd frets) because of the way I'm able to attack the notes. You might find it easier to play in one position around the 5th fret. Use the Riff loop & tempo control to slow the tab to your skill level. You can also check out the picking video for additional help.

Learn this lick and then practice to

teacher: Don Mock
skill level:
Key:  D Major