Monday, Week 2

Evolution of Jazz - Be-Bop Guitarists

Wes Montgomery (1925 - `68) was actually a late bloomer as a musician, picking up the guitar at the age of nineteen.  His unique warm sound is often attributed to his use of the thumb instead of the pick.  This happened out of a necessity to keep things quiet while he practiced in his home.  During the latter stages of his career, Wes became the most recorded jazz guitarist of his era.

Today's lick shows Wes' creativity over a common III-VI-II-V-I progression.  The entire lick is based on 8th note triplets over standard 4/4 time.  Wes also made a couple harmonic substitutions; over the II-7 he outlined a bVImaj7 chord and over the V he outlined a bII7 chord.  Both are examples of tri-tone substitutions, which will be discussed, in a future live lesson.  As you learn this lick, pay attention to the fingering on the virtual fretboard in order to make a smooth execution of the line.

Learn this lick and then practice to

teacher: Chris Spencer
skill level:
Key:  C