British Blues Rock

This Clapton-inspired phrase contains the wider vibrato typical of the British school as well as the energetic double-timed flurries that raised the passion and excitement quotient in blues rock.  This lick is in G and is played in the familiar blues box at the 15th position.  The bulk of the notes are derived from the G Minor Pentatonic Scale (G-Bb-C-D-F). Note the use of the B natural in measure three to augment the normal minor-pentatonic pitch array.  This blend of minor and major melody is a telling feature of blues and blues-rock.  Other notable features include the unison string bends in measure one and the vocalesque phrasing of the first six beats.  This lick was performed with the classic no-frills combination of a Gibson Les Paul Standard (bridge pickup) and a high-gain vintage Marshall amplifier turned all the way up.  The inherent overdrive and sustain of this setup produces the definitive British blues-rock tone of the later 1960s

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teacher: Wolf Marshall
skill level:
Key:  G