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3/30/2006 8:47 AM
Hey Lyle , I really admire your skills and
the way you try to teach guitar playing to
people , even those group lessons are marbelous to .
I don't know either I should pose this question to
you or one of your colleagues , but I really have problems with playing some songs of Marilyn Manson ,
the guitar effecting these guys use is way to complicated to emulate , and they seem to have a complete control of their distortion without fearing to get any nasty sounds while playing ( your guitar whistling because the volume is to hard and the distortion trought your rectifier isn't holding any longer ) this results to an innatural tone that is very difficult to stop .
Do you know what would help me ? , is it worht to look into rackmount because I think they don't use a rectifier like most other Guitarists , you know , that Heavy Metal tone . I really like that
Mr. Self Destruction tone he uses , but only if I can use it .

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3/30/2006 2:17 PM
Try setting your amp at 50% to 75% overdrive/gain. Too much overdrive/distortion will make it hard to control at high volumes. Then set your amp EQ/tone controls to:

Bass - 70%
Middle - 25%
Highs - 70%

Turn off the Reverb and any other effects.

Use the bridge pickup on your guitar. Plam mute and pick hard. Learn to mute strings that aren't being played. Don't stand too close to your amp when at high volumes. Turn away from it, which will help you control unwanted feedback.
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4/2/2006 5:05 AM
I already tried different techniques , but I think heavy processing is involved , heavy overdubbing and a bright chorus .
Your settings result to the sound I hear in the Metallica style cd , wich is very handy for metalica .
But I heard one of your rock samples on the cd , you know , in the introduction of the teacher .
Some really kickass sound , but still not bad enough .
I really hoped you could help me with this , but I still don't know wether I am asking this to the right teacher .

HomeHomeTeachersTeachersLyle RonglienLyle RonglienGuitar EffectingGuitar Effecting

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