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12/12/2006 9:07 AM
What a great question Tommy! It sounds to me like the start of the whistle is a continuously ascending pitch. Sliding on a fretted guitar sounds a bit lumpy, I think a big bend up sounds closer (... alternatively a whammy bar or whammy-wah pedal might help?) - Ernie Ball Super Slinkies might help if you have trouble bending far enough!

The second bit sounds like a smaller ascending then descending pitch, probably lower than the first part(?).

I think we need the input of a really good guitarist though, man I wish my old teacher, Daniel Christopherson, was on this forum. He'd know. Steve Vai is great at this stuff...he can make his guitar sound like a little child laughing. Dickie Betts (Allman Bros.) gets a similar but less literal sense of a small toddler on their classic, upbeat song "Jessica".

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5/16/2008 1:08 PM
Hey Dudes It's called Bottle eck or slide guitar
Steve miller is A master of it
and the joker is one of the songs
using a finger slide and a wah pedal
not sure about Jessica but if it was the Allmans I bet it had Duane playing slide
if want to hear some INSAMNE slide work check out
Staesboough blues by the ABB orMuddy Waters or Dave Hole or Derek Trucks
these guys can "wolf whistle"

HomeHomeTeachersTeachersCommunityCommunityWolf WhistleWolf Whistle

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