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12/21/2008 12:34 PM
If you're trying to get Santana's tone, it's important to know which period you're trying to recreate, as his sound has changed over the years.

The guitar tone on Black Magic Woman (original version) is quite different from his current sound. I've written a little about it, here:

I also agree with a couple of the posts here, regarding playing technique. If you want to sound like Carlos, it's critical to cop his style:

After 5 years in a Santana tribute band, I definitely have an appreciation for his feel! :)
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1/30/2009 3:33 AM
Hey guy's,
I've been trying to perfect the Santana sound since
the mid 70's.... (that is his late 70's sound)
Contrary to popular belief, he's never used an SG 2000
I went out and bought in 79 thinking yeah baby..
What he does use is a Yamaha 175b.
amongst other things, It doesn't have a brass lump under the bridge like the SG 2000 which was thought to aid sustain, actually it makes it sound quite toppy. I took the brass lump out of mine and replaced it with mahogany,
Instantly sounded fatter and creamy and sustained more.

Carlos used a 100w Mark 1 head mesa boogie in the very beginning but couldn't always get the sound he wanted, until he discovered dumble amplification A Dumble overdrive reverb He actually uses Dumble and Mesa boogie
in combination.. Altec 417 8H Series II Is an important
speaker choice in the early mesa's.
Cabs he uses Brown with hemp cones and Marshall.
Pedals for the " overdriven delayed wah sound"
Jim Dunlop amp switcher with mute 4 outputs 1 input.
Mutron mk 1 wah
Ibanez tube screamer TS,9 reissue
Ibanez Modulation delay
He's been using these pedals since the 70's,
I think its a question of " why change a winning formula"
rather than this is the only way to get this sound..

I use a mesa boogie DC3 need to be driven quite high
to get the best out of them,
In the link below is my band working out a version of Samba Pa Ti, (it's only a rehearsal) this sound is only through the pre amp stage of the mesa DC3 the output stage is a tiny VOX escort and then back through the Mesa 12 speaker

Easy fella's

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3/24/2009 8:25 AM
Quote: Originally posted by leunam on 26�November�2002
I own an Epiphone Les Paul (Custom Flame Top) and a 120 watt amp (CRATE GFX-212T). I would like to know what kind of effect or other equipment can I buy to get a sound like Santana�s guitar. Specially that long sustain like in the song named Europe.

First, you have to determine which period of Santana you want to sound like, as he has developed his tone over the years. But you mention Europa, so that's a good place to start.

Next, realize that his sound is a combination of his playing technique as well as all his equipment: PRS guitar, and Mark I Mesa Boogie amp (at that time, he was probably using it exclusively). Personally, I've found that the exact equipment is not necessarily, as long as it will produce a somewhat similar tone, and you play the same notes. I use a Gibson 335 knock-off and a Fender HotRod Deville 4x10 in my Santana tribute band, and have never had any problems.

In order to get his "infinite" sustain, crank your amp up to performance volume, hold different notes, and move around. Once you find the exact spot where most notes will feedback enough to keep going, but not to "squeal," mark it with tape on the floor. That's your "sweet spot," and you'll need to stand in that location whenever you want to hold a note forever.

Hope that helps!
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6/2/2009 8:41 AM

You can find here my setup about santana's sound...

pls add yours setup and just explain why you have this setup and why you have this...or this....


hi everybody and peace
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