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3/6/2003 3:19 AM
I have been playing guitar casually for several years now. After a few classes and working through some basic guitar methods, I feel comfortable playing in public and now lead worship music at my church from time to time.

I recently (about 6 months ago) purchased a Martin DC16-GTE with a Venetian cutaway and a nice Fishman stereo blender. I am not satisfied with the standard issue Martin strings, however. They seem to corrode way too quickly and begin to lose their tune after about a month or less. Are there better strings available that you would recommend? I have heard the Martin SPs are pretty good, and also have heard good things about the Elixir brand of strings- any suggestions?? Thanks!


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4/7/2003 12:17 PM
I have had good success with the Elixers. I used to change my strings every couple of weeks when I played a lot. Nowaday, I don't feel like spending so much. The Elixers last a long time and feel comfortable to me. As with most things everybody has his own opinion about this or that.

I suggest you try out the Elixers even though they cost a bit more.

Ebony 2002 Gibson Les Paul Standard | Guild F4CE Acoustic | BOSS GT-6 | No Amp!
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6/6/2003 2:13 AM
     I have recently broken away from all the usual Phospher Bronze (et all) sets and as Micro has already suggested, gone over to Elixers.
My hands really sweat and I killed sets in days......BUT
these Elixers are really lasting well and still sound extremely good. My view with regard to the pricing issue is really that because of the greatly increased life of Elixer that more than makes up for the increased cost. in the UK I purchase sets at a time getting a very substantial discount. The price of a set of Acoustic strings is down from £14.99
to an incredible £8.99!!!!!!
Do try these, I'm fairly certain that you would like the experience.

HomeHomeGeneralGeneralEquipmentEquipmentacoustic strings- any suggestions?acoustic strings- any suggestions?

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