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2/17/2008 5:37 AM
To Missie... I suppose there are no set rules to finding and attract collaborators, however maybe you should be a bit prepared before you seek them out.For example should look into finding a way to record music at home. There's a few decent, free, DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation)out there. KRISTAL and REAPER are some of them. Learn the very basics. If you sing it's SOoooooo important to get something to show yourself off. Lots of people out there to help in your quest and ease the "Learning curve".

I've been doing this since 2000 and I was late compared to my friends and had to play catch up. They fed me so much info...I should've popped a slug in my brain...but I persevered. It's paying off.

Moving on...
About the Rocket networks site... Yes it was a bit complicated then but the concept is brilliant!
It went through alot of changes and it's WAY better and intuitive now.
It's called JAMWITH.US    

The neat thing with these guys (I am a member there)is that how you have it on your the DAW, when you save it, is how it's going to open in the collaborators computer when they want to start to record.All in can Add, mix, produce because it's ALL there...not just an mp3 at a time.
There are a few respect issues to consider but that goes with any project out there.
It's a good one. Lots of strong musicians.
Cubase is used primarily but they're working on broadening the field, Reaper...Mac interface...lots of good stuff.

This internet thing is growing fast...I think It'll be a hit!!

Just found this site...looks like a good one...I'll spend a bit of time here and check things out...

Proud member of the "World Wide Music Collaboration consortium"
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