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Evolution of Jazz Guitar - Thursday - Week 4

Current Jazz Guitarists

Kurt Rosenwinkel is relatively new on the jazz scene, but making a strong impact nonetheless. He has played with folks like Tim Hagans, Paul Motian, Gary Burton, Brian Blade, Chris Speed and Michael Kanan.

The following example in the style of Kurt employs some interesting substitute harmony. The line implies different harmonies for each chord: Bb major and C minor in the first bar, Db major and Bmaj7#5 over the second bar. Both the Db major triad and the Bmaj7#5 seventh chord are great substitutes for the G7alt. If you want to try this over another altered dominant chord, you have to remember the intervalic distance between the root of the altered chord and the root of the substitute. For instance, over any altered dominant chord, you can play a maj7#5 arpeggio that has a root a major third away. This is the same distance illustrated in the example: G7alt - Bmaj7#5, the substitute's root (B) is a major third away from the original chord root (G).

Learn this lick and practice with this jam track
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Key: C min

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