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Jerry Miller: Hi class, here's a sample of the blues licks you'll be learning

Jerry Miller: this is my first lesson and I'm excited about doing this, check out the audio first and we'll get started, as you know I played with the Moby Grape

lv8rdoc: were you the one with the middle finger on the washboard on the album cover?

Jerry Miller: that was Don Steveson, the drummer, if you're looking at it I'm the guy on the left bottom, first let's get started with some scale patterns

Jerry Miller: I use this scale pattern about 400 times a night, very basic blues pattern, changing slightly to lower that last note puts it into to our next scale pattern G minor9:

Jerry Miller: here's another one that adds onto it

Jerry Miller: let me send you a jam track

Jerry Miller: I'm sure you'll have a great time jammin to this, let me send you some licks to jam on, make sure you have the scale patterns down, here's a little add on to the scale pattern:

Jerry Miller: this is a cool pattern I use often,  let's do some licks:

Jerry Miller: these licks come from me turning things around from what I hear from other players... and a few books like Mickey Bakker Jazz guitar Book 1 & 2, I use to follow Wes Montgomery around and pester him to show me licks in the early 60s. I was this punk kid showing at his shows in Seattle and SF and he was talkin' to the ladies.... and I'd say "Hey Wes" and he would say "oh, you again" and I have to have you show me the licks to "Carriba" from the album at Live at Tsubo

Tom: Lets see some Wes licks

Jerry Miller: Tom, I will in later lessons

JoeyC: meeting wes must have been a treat

Jerry Miller: very much so Joey, it was like meeting Elvis to a guitar player the last lick is a continuation of the previous min9 scale, which gets you set up for the IV (C) chord of the progression

JoeyC: sure by resolving the last note to "E"

Jerry Miller: it was also influenced by Kenny Burrell, here comes lick 2:

Jerry Miller: it's a lick I usually one I play a lot faster, let me create a live version for you

Jerry Miller: the groove is a little different from what I'm use too but it should give you an idea

AppxPete: Any pointers on fingerings since you seem to be jumping around on the fretboard?

JoeyC: nice line Jerry.. it's also a good study on using all of the neck

Jerry Miller: Pete, try to keep the thumb in the back of the neck, I like to play somewhat unorthodox, many of my blues influences are Freddie King, sometimes I say I owe my career to Freddie, ha ha!

JoeyC: another great unorthodox player

Jerry Miller: I waited years to meet Freddie and when I meet him in Santa Cruz CA in the mid 70s

Tom: I think Garcia credits King as one of his fav's

Jerry Miller: he was in a REAL bad mood and it pretty much sank my ship, bummed me out, he wasn't like Wes at all, anybody can have a bad day I guess

Jerry Miller: Hi Hank, I'm a big fan!

Hank_Garland: Thank you very much Jerry

Jerry Miller: I just had my L5 refinished after 40 years

Hank_Garland: That is a very nice guitar Jerry

Jerry Miller: and her name is Beaulah, let me send you a live picture

Hank_Garland: what year is it Jerry?

Jerry Miller: a '62 I ordered from Gibson

Tom: why did you refinish her

Jerry Miller: because it was falling apart, I've had her since '62, Jack Pimentel did it for me out of Puyallup WA

Tom: you don't look that old!

Jerry Miller: Tom, thanks buddy, I'll be 57 next month, let's try a lick using starting on the V, VI, then I

Jerry Miller: here's a jam track to play against

Jerry Miller: I basically one of those licks influenced by Billy Butler who was Bill Dogget's guitar player on "Honky Tonk" do you see how you can play off the chord patterns.

JoeyC: Hey Jerry nice shapes and logic on the last line

Jerry Miller: I was a kid in the Tacoma area when I started....  I use to go down on Broadway which was the "Blues Section" and stand outside the black bars and by the time I was 17 I was playing in those bars at which time I met T-Bone Walker and Big Joe Williams I got to be good friends with T-Bone over the years, I was also playing the Evergreen Ballroom every Sat night, all my equipment would be there on Sundays, when they had the soul reviews come to town like Bobby Bland, BB King, Joe Henton, Ike & Tina.... and so I could get into the back room and BEG them to let me jam, ha ha, so once in awhile I got up and played one song with Bobby Bland, quite a thrill!  Albert Collins stayed at my house in Santa Cruz and we were doing McGorvern benefits, he had that long guitar chord, he said he never worked so hard when we were jammin' really a wonderful guy and player

Hank_Garland: who influenced you to play Jerry?

Jerry Miller: Hank, right at first it was Sheriff Tex, he had a kids show in Seattle and I figured if he could play the guitar, I could, ha ha according to Jimmy Page (Zeppelin), their band was playing a lot of Moby Grape material. Bob Mosley (Grape )was a lot of fun to do those old blues tunes in the Grape, the first Moby Grape album is one of my very favorite albums

JoeyC: that first one was great...

Jerry Miller: Hank it's a pleasure to meet a guitar legend online! I'm going to go home and throw some Hank Garland on the record player, thanks everybody and I'm very excited about putting something together for next week.  I'll put in some octaves and a few of the Wes chords I've learned.

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