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Riffs You can Use - Part 1

Lyle: Hi everyone!

Lyle: I thought I'd teach you some cool riffs to play.

Lyle: Here's the main rhythm riff, in A. It is a "Funky Country" style riff I made up.

jbeat: hee haw!

Lyle: Here's a couple jam tracks to use with it:

anthony: that's great! I like it

jbeat: i had to slow that down, thats fast

Lyle: It's a fast strum.

Adam: it takes a while to get it down

Lyle: The A minor pentatonic scale is a good scale to use when improvising over this rhythm riff.

Lyle: The riff itself can be thought of as both a minor rhythm riff or a dominant rhythm riff, like for an A7 chord.

Lyle: The 3rd fret bend on the 5th string is strarting on a minor third and bending to a major third.

Lyle: The 5th fret third string is a minor third.

Lyle: So the dominant scale/mode will sound good against this rhythm riff too. Here's A mixolydian scale, which fits for the A7 type chord:

anthony: because it has a b7?

Lyle: You can't go wrong with using an arpeggio once in awhile too. Here's the A7 arpeggio that is made from every other note in the A mixolydian scale.

Lyle: Well, the rhythm riff (riff1) doesn't have a b7 in it at all, but you want to hear it because of the nature/style of the riff itself. The b7 gives it a blues sound.

anthony: it is now

Lyle: Here's a riff I call the "train whistle riff".

Lyle: That's all for this lesson tonight. Have fun with this little funky country riff.

anthony: ok, thanks Lyle

Adam: thanks Lyle

Lyle: Have a good night everyone, see you next Monday!

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