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Riffs You can Use - Part 5

Lyle: Here's your looping jam track for this lesson:

Lyle: First, learn this rhythm riff:

Lyle: Try playing along to the jam track using this rhythm riff.

Lyle: The next part of the riff is called a unison bend.

Lyle: Put the rhythm riff and the unison bend together and you get today's riff:

Lyle: How we doing out there?

YuriM: doing good

art: good

Marc: no problems yet

Lyle: Good.

Lyle: Her'es a variation of riff 1. The unison bend is up a whole step:

Lyle: In the lesson sample, I kept climbing up the neck for the unison bends. I used a scale that is like a Dorian minor with a major third addin. Or you could say It's like a Mixolydian scale with a flatted 3rd added in!

Lyle: I start on the 5th degree:

Lyle: As with all the TABs, click on it and then click the media button on the TAB player. This way you can hear and see the scale or riff being plaed out on the neck.

Lyle: Using that scale, here's all the unison bends used in the lesson sample.

art: what is that sound made between the chords being played?

Lyle: a delay/echo.

art: with a lot of distortion?

Lyle: yes

Lyle: The final riff in the lesson sample is made from pull-offs in the Am pentatonic scale:

Lyle: That's all for this lesson. Have fun with the unison bends and the jam track.

Lyle: See you next week for another riff you can use!

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