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Riffs You can Use - Part 6

Lyle: Check out what you'll be working on:

Lyle: The rhythm part of this is based around Em9 to Cmaj7:

Lyle: Here's a jam track for you to play along with:

x: nice sound, mind' if i steal that

Lyle: It has an '80s Whitesnake sound to it I think.

Joe: ha, yes

x: my favorite

Lyle: I'm a fan of John Sykes, the guitarist for Whitesnake/Blue Murder.

Lyle: These two chords are based in Em.

Lyle: The first riff I played in the lesson sample is just a G major scale followed by an Em arpeggio.

Lyle: Put those together like this:

Lyle: Any questions?

Philip: beginner question: what are the notes in an arpeggio?

Lyle: The notes in an arpeggio are the chordal tones. These are the tones that outline a chord. Most chords start off as simple triads, 3 note chords.

Philip: ok

Lyle: Instead of strumming all these tones at the same time, making harmony, you can pick each one to create a melody.

Philip: I understand - thanks

Lyle: The second riff is a blues style riff made from the Em pentatonic.

The video might help for the next riff:

Lyle: The whole solo ends with a single high note bend:

Lyle: Notice how I "composed" this little solo. I started with a scale run with an arpeggio, then a real simple blues riff, then the fast hammer-ons, then ended with a simple high note.

Lyle: Once you learn all the riffs, try playing them along with me on this looping jam track.

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