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Riffs You can Use - Part 7

stratmaster: how is everyone

mrtbone: great evening Hi

stratmaster: how is everyone first time here for me

mrtbone: only been here a couple of times myself

stratmaster: i ma checking this out to see how it is

mrtbone: i have several of the lessons and they are great

stratmaster: looks good from the archives that i have ssen

mrtbone: of all the stuff i have purchased on line it is far ahead of everything

stratmaster: getting cold tonight here in Baltimore

mrtbone: warm in florida

Lyle: Hi

stratmaster: maybe i can learn a few licks and heat this place up

stratmaster: LOL

mrtbone: Hi

stratmaster: hi

Lyle: Here's the jam track for tonight:

Lyle: The chords for the jam track are:

Lyle: What scale of choice would you use?

Lyle: to improvise against these chords?

mrtbone: A mafor

stratmaster: a minor

Lyle: A major yes, for the first 2 chords. Then A7 and D7 chords need a better scale. I'd go with the A major pentatonic for the first three chords:

Lyle: Because all three of those chords have A C# E in them, the A major triad.

Lyle: During the D7 chord I'd go with the Am pentatonic because the D7 chord has a C natural in it, not a C# like in the A major chords:

Lyle: Here's an example of a riff made from the A major pentatonic. The very last note of the riff bends to a C natural, right during the D7 chord. Notice the bluesy sound it makes:

Lyle: Another way to make up a riff you can use is to play arpeggios for the chords.

Lyle: A plain A major arpeggio is:

Lyle: AMaj7 is just like that but with the 7th degree thrown in:

Lyle: Over the A7 chord you can play A7 and A9 arpeggios. Here's A9:

Lyle: During the D97 chord you can play D7 or D9 arpeggios. Here's a D9:

Lyle: Put them all together to follow the chord progression and you might get something like this:

Lyle: You all riffin' out?

pete: yep

stratmaster: this is pretty cool

toper: I can dig it

Lyle: yep!

orin: very nice learned lots

Lyle: Good!

Lyle: Next Monday I'll show you another one.

orin: thanks bye

stratmaster: rock on until next guys

mrtbone: thanks

stratmaster: "next week"

Lyle: Thanks everyone, have fun riffin' out!

Lyle: See you later.

stratmaster: i will have some fun with this

jb: Thank-You Lyle, great lesson.

Lyle: good night everyone, thanks for being here. Gotta run....

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