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Riffs You can Use - Part 8

Lyle: Hi there! Thought I'd show you a few riffs that you could use in your own jams and improvs.

Lyle: You heard the lesson sample. It's based in E. Here's a jam track you will want to use to play along with:

Dan: very cool

Lyle: The main rhythm riff has two parts. One part that copies the bass, then the second part that adds funky chords such as the E9.

Lyle: Here's what I'm talking about:

Lyle: Next, I have a few riffs to show you, based off the Em blues scale:

Lyle: At a slow speed, riff 1 is easy. Bring it up to tempo against the jam track and all of a sudden you have a hot little riff.

Lyle: I'm using a pitch shifter effect on my guitar tone. I think I have it in stereo, with one side tuned down slightly, and the other side tuned up slightly. I'm using a clean amp tone, and the bridge humbucker pickup.

Lyle: Riff 2 is a good riff to use to show off how fast you can play.

Lyle: Riff 3 ihas a tricky element to it. You'll use the pick and third finger to hit two notes at a time:

The next riff adds a note (G#, 1st fret, third string) not found in the Em blues scale. This gives the riff a "dominant" sound, such as the E7 or E9 chord gives:

vold: isn't a dominant sound the b7?

Lyle: The dominant sound comes from the major third along with a flatted 7th.

Lyle: thank you, i'll try to fix video 3

Lyle: Riff 5 is a cool variation of the riff before:

Lyle: That's about all for this jam. Hope you found a few new riffs you can use!

aa: without hope there is nothing

aa: thanks for the lesson LOL

Dan: it's great, I'll be able to use this

Lyle: welcome, see you all next Monday for another riff or two!

vold: thanks Lyle

Lyle: bye everyone

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