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Riffs You can Use - Part 9

Lyle: I'm running behind, I'll be back in a few minutes...

Lyle: thank you, I'm back

Lyle: I'll try to show you a few riffs you can use over this jam track in Fm:

Now Thats a Groove!

Lyle: First, get to know the chords used in the jam track:

Lyle: First riff I want to show you is made from the Fm scale:

Lyle: I tabbed out it going up the 2nd sctring because that's where's most of the first riff is played.

Lyle: When I made up this first riff, I avoided playing the root note (F) until near the end of the riff. I thought that way it would "tease" the ear, ending in a good resolve when I finaly didhit the F note.

Lyle: How we doing?,

Lyle: any questions?

sam: doing good

sam: what type of music would you call this?

Lyle: "Beyond Jazz"

Lyle: or Fusion Jazz?

Lyle: The next riff is made from the Fm pentatonic. It's a two-handed tapping riff.

Lyle: Make sure you click on the TAB and then click again to display it on the fretboard.

Lyle: The (T) is your right hand tap.

Lyle: The next riff is a short, repeating riff that you can use to climb the neck with real fast.

Lyle: v = pick down

Lyle: ^ = pick up

Lyle: Keep alternating

Lyle: Video should be up help to see who the riff is played. Start slow and work up your speed. Then move it up the neck 1 fret and do the riff again.

Lyle: Keep moving it all the way up to the 13th fret position and play out of it like this:

Lyle: You've moved from one Fm position to another, by playing a chromatic run.

Lyle: Next riff starts with a string skip, followed by a blues sounding riff, because of the flatted 5th degree added to the scale:

Lyle: Last riff is a simple riff, using the Fm pentatic scale. I played a descending pattern of the wholle thing:

Lyle: Simply taking a scale and playing it it some other position or pattern can sometimes result in an interesting riff.

Lyle: Hope some of these ideas helps give you ideas to make up your own riffs.

Gene: thanks Lyle, good jam!

Lyle: Thank you. That's all for now, see you next time!

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