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Riffs You can Use - Part 11

Lyle: Good evening

sir-real: hi Lyle

crowTrobot: hi Lyle!

Lyle: Let's start with our jam track:

Lyle: There are three rhythm riff in this Satriani inspired groove.

Lyle: First rhythm riff is playing what the bass guitar is doing in Em:

Lyle: The second rhythm riff during the verse groove is based off the Em7 to an Em6:

Lyle: Here's a video showing how you can play both riffs together:

Lyle: The 3rd and last rhythm riff during the verse groove is just these two notes:


Lyle: that a link to my green drink for the evening. Happy Green Day everyone.

Picky: hell yeah

Lyle: I made a simple solo riff to play against this using the Em pentatonic and the Em arpeggio:

Lyle: Here's the riff. It's kind of fun to play because it takes you from a low note right up to a high note pretty fast.

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