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Riffs You can Use - Part 12

Lyle: Hello out there!

Lyle: My favorite scale is the Em blues scale:

Lyle: Have that playback on the virtual fretboard so you can see the different patterns available.

Lyle: The minor blues scale is just like the minor pentatonic (1, b3, 4, 5, b7), but with an added b5 in it.

Lyle: Here's a riff made from this scale:

jake: can you do modes?

jake: i know all of this pent stuff pretty thoroughly

Support: we have several titles covering modes in our catalog

Lyle: I can do modes.

jake: because i want to learn how to play fusion stuff

Lyle: Check out the title "Understanding Modes" in the RiffInteractive store.

Lyle: Here's a jam track for this lesson:

jake: what was that riff using?

Lyle: Em blues scale

Lyle: Here's a rhythm riff using the E9 chord:

jake: so where can i find that understanding modes thing?

Support: check out the "catalog" link on our front page

Lyle: The next riff is like riff 1 but played up an octave:

Support: then you can see titles listed by teacher on the left

Lyle: Next is my country style riff. I'm thinking key of E7 (dominant) which is the V chord in the major key of A. This is what I ended up with:

jake: nah its cool...haha..cmon im a guitar player...that stuff is good for the soul haha

Lyle: cool

jake: so yea about b dorian..

jake: i dont get it..

jake: haha

jake: does it kind of resemble the b minor pent scale?

Lyle: Here's a cool mode I like to use, it's called the Lydian mode:

Lit: What is that sound effect you use?

Lyle: Low gain 20% - soft clip bass 50%, mids 50%, treble 40%, presence 75% Slight compression used Chorus depth 60%, rate 70% add a little delay and reverb to taste.

Lyle: It's the wide chorus effect that gives it that sound.

Lyle: Thanks for being here and hope you found a new riff to use in your own playing.

Lyle: See you next time!

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