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Riffs You can Use - Part 13

Lyle: Hi

jeremy: hi Lyle

PhilP: hi guitar players!

Lyle: Don't be frightened or put off by the "disco" beat or the "hip hop" beat of the jam track. It doesn't mean we can't ROCK!

jeremy: I'm not scared

Lyle: Here's the rhythm riff. It's in the style of Zakk Wylde from Ozzy's band and BLS:

Lyle: Learn that rhythm riff and play it over and over with the jam track.

Lyle: In the jam track, there is no chord being played, so you can play any scale you want!

Lyle: Just a constant A note is being played by the bass.

Lyle: The scale I used is called a Phrygian Dominant scale. It is the seventh mode in the jazz melodic minor scale:

Lyle: Using this scale helps you play sounds that aren't found in the everyday minor pentatonic scale you might be used to using.

Lyle: I'll show you the same scale laid out on the 1st string:

Lyle: Here's a riff I made from the single string pattern:

Lyle: Watch this video to see and hear how it's meant to be played:

Lyle: The next riff has a technique I think I stole from the late, great, Frank Zappa. I must have seen him doing this once long ago. Take the edge of your pick and hammer-on and pull-off kind of, while you change the notes with your left hand

Lyle: Here's the basic tab of the riff:

Lyle: Here's the video. I keep my pick hitting the 18th fret, while my left hand moves dfown the scale:

Lyle: Besides improvising by playing some exotic scale, you should always revert back to a simple blues scale to make it all sound ..."right".

Lyle: In the next riff, notice I use the A minor blues scale, then end on the A note to resolve the whole sound of it.

PhilP: I didn't know Zappa invented that technique

jeremy: it sounds eerie with the jam track

Lyle: I didn't say he invented it, but I learned it from seeing him do it.

Lyle: I've seen Steve Vai and Joe Satriani do it many times, but before that, I saw Zappa do it.

Lyle: Probably some old blues player did it back in the 40's.

PhilP: do you happen know what song it was?

Lyle: No, I don't remember.

Lyle: That's all for this installment of Riffs You Can Use...and abuse. Next week I'll dig up some more riffs.

PhilP: thanks Lyle!

Lyle: You're welcome!

Lyle: Have a great week, and see you next time!

jeremy: thanks!

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