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Riffs You can Use - Part 16

Lyle: This lesson is a little about open string harmonics.

EMB: standard tuning?

Lyle: Yes, standard tuning.

Lyle: There are many points along the string you can get harmonics from. The easy ones are on the 12th fret.

Lyle: Lightly touch your finger on TOP of the 12th fret wire, then pluck the string.

Lyle: You'll hear a bell like sound.

Lyle: These harmonics on the 12th fret produce pitches the same as pushing down on those same frets.

Lyle: Makes a cool sound.

Lyle: When you play harmonics on the 5th fret, you'll get the same notes as you did on the 12th fret, or open strings, but this time an octave higher:

Lyle: Playing harmonics on the 7th fret produce the same notes that you would get from pushing down on the 7th fret, but the harmonic pitch is an octave higher:

Lyle: The 3rd fret harmonics produce the same notes that you would get from pushing down on the 7th fret, but the harmonic pitch is an octave higher than the harmonics from the 7th fret.

Lyle: The 4th fret harmonics give you the same notes as you would get from pushing down on the 4th fret, but 2 octaves higher:

mandy: I have a hard time getting the 3rd and 4th harmonics

Lyle: With a little thought, you can play chords using harmonics.

Lyle: Here's some of the basic chords that you can get from the positions I just covered:

mandy: Am I out of tune?

Lyle: The 3rd and 4th fret harmonics can be tricky. Try moving your finger off the top of the fret slightly higher towards the 4th fret.

Lyle: The guitar tuning and measurements are not perfect, so you have to adjust slightly.

AhmedKhalaf: thats when playing the 3rd fret harmonic?

Lyle: yes.

AhmedKhalaf: my 3rd fret harmonic works on the fret. the fourth one though, i need to move slightly

AhmedKhalaf: so can harmonics be played on any fret theoretically?

Lyle: Maybe not on ANY fret, but there are other points harmonics can be played to get many other notes and pitches.

Lyle: Jaco Pastorious, the world's greatest bass player, could play any scale and any chord using just harmonics.

AhmedKhalaf: wow, i'll have to look him up

Lyle: well, that's what he said, I believe him.

Jim: I thought Victor Wooten was the world's greatest! :)

AhmedKhalaf: i'm still having trouble getting some volume with the 3rd and 4th fret harmonics

AhmedKhalaf: they're there, but really soft

AhmedKhalaf: should i bounce my fingers off as i strum the strings?

Lyle: When playing harmoncs on an electric guitar, use the bridge pickup and pick kind of hard.

Lyle: Watch my video examples.

Lyle: When using an acoustic guitar, pluck hard, and back by the bridge.

AhmedKhalaf: sorry what do you mean by "back by the bridge"

Lyle: The bridge of the guitar is where the strings connect to the body etc...

AhmedKhalaf: any tips on just strumming those three strings

Lyle: In the lesson sample from the top of this lesson, I made a couple of riffs. The first one uses harmonics:

Lyle: watch video of "chords from harmonics" to help see how I get those 3 strings.

Lyle: Here's the other riff from the lesson sample:

Lyle: It doesn't use harmonics.

Lyle: Here's a looping jam track for you to play along with:

Lyle: That's all for this lesson.

Lyle: Hope you learned a new riff you can use.

mandy: I sure did!

Lyle: Awesome!

Lyle: Have a great week and see you next time!

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