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Riffs You can Use - Part 17

Lyle: Hi everyone!

Ed: hi Lyle

JimK: hi Lyle

Tribemaster: hello

Lyle: This lesson is going to be about using the minor pentatonic scale for the different chords in a blues progression.

Lyle: The lesson sample above is just a sample, no chord changes are in it.

Lyle: You will be working with a typical minor blues progression in Am.

Lyle: The three basic chords in the progression will be A, D, and E. These are the 1 - 4 - 5 chords in A.

Lyle: You will be playing minor pentatonics for each chord:

JimK: it has a ZZ Top feel to it

Lyle: Here's the rhythm part for this minor blues progression.

Lyle: Notice the chord progression in riff 1, the rhythm part.

Lyle: Here's a jam track:

Lyle: For improvising over this type of progression, most people stay in the first key, which would be Am in this case.

Lyle: What I want you to try is switching keys each time the chord changes.

Ed: that's what I do, stay in Am

Ed: I can't keep up with chord changes very well

Lyle: When the rhythm chord is Am, use the Am pentatonic to improvise with. When the chord moves to Dm, use the Dm pentatonic to improvise with. Same deal for the Em chord, use the Em pentatonic.

Lyle: Here's an example:

Lyle: If it's tough to keep up with the changes, just keep it simple and roll through the scale patterns like I did in riff 2. Practice listening and thinking where you are in the progression and just play simple stuff.

Lyle: Any questions?

JimK: I can handle this so far

Ed: no questions from me

Lyle: Try it next time you get to jam a blues progression.

Lyle: Follow/chase the chords in the progression with the basic pentatonic riffs you like to play!

Tribemaster: what is a good pedal with different distortions

Lyle: I'm not sure, so many to choose from.

Lyle: I think Ibanez has a new pedal that is like two in one, a copy of a tube screamer and then a boss distortion plus, all in one unit, designed by Steve Vai and Ibanez.

Tribemaster: thanks,

Lyle: Welcome. Well, that all for this lesson tonight. Hope you learned something new to try.

Ed: yes, thanks

JimK: thanks Lyle

Lyle: Welcome. Have a good week and hope to see you next time.

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