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Guitar Essentials

Part 7 - Vibrato

Lyle: One very important and essential part of producing a good tone is the use of vibrato.

Lyle: Vibrato is a common technique that is used in all styles of music. It is used to create emotion for the most part.

Lyle: Instruments like the piano or drum can't do vibrato, too bad for them.

Vibrato is when the pitch of a note or sound is quickly and repeatedly raised and lowered over a small distance for the duration of that note or sound. Watch the video clip:

Lyle: Doing vibrato on the 1st string presents a small challenge. You can push the string up towards you like this:

Lyle: Try this exercise using the Bm pentatonic scale for an example:

Lyle: Another way of making vibrato on the guitar is by using what I call the violin vibrato. You push down hard on the string and rock your finger back and forth. This makes the pitch of the note go sharp and flat. The basic vibrato note only goes sharp, but the violin vibrato creates a rounder sound in my opinion.

Lyle: Here's an exercise for you to try using the violin vibrato and the Dm scale:

Lyle: You can add vibrato to two strings at a time like this:

Lyle: Here's a tough one. Bend a note up a whole step, then add vibrato and keep the note up like this:

Lyle: If you have a vibrato tail piece or a whammy bar on your guitar, you can use it to easily produce vibrato. Here's an example how you can use a whammy bar to add vibrato to full chords:

Lyle: You can also shake your guitar real hard or push and pull on the headstock to produce vibrato.

Lyle: In rock guitar, the names Yngwie Malmsteen and Angus Young come to mind as players with strong vibrato.

Lyle: That's about it for this lesson. I hope this helps you develop a smooth vibrato.

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