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Guitar Essentials

Part 10 - Rhythm Riffs

Lyle: I want to show you a few rhythm riffs that you can use for basic major chords.

Lyle: These rhythm riffs are for basic major chords. The first one I'll show you is in E major. The notes for the chord come from the E major triad, E, G#, and B.

Lyle: First, check out this E major pentatonic scale pattern, because the chord shape I'll show you comes from this pattern:

Lyle: Here's the E chord. The hard part is getting all the notes to ring together.

Lyle: Start with a down stroke, then hammer-on, then up stroke the 3rd and 4th strings while the 5th string still rings.

Lyle: The 4th string is the hard one to keep ringing. Make sure all three strings ring clearly. Use a clean amp setting to help you hear better.

Lyle: You can do the same rhythm riff for any major chord up and down the neck. Here it is for A major:

Lyle: Two frets higher than A is the B:

Lyle: The E, A, and B are the 1 - 4- 5 chords in the key of E. You can play them together in a progression like this:

Lyle: Here's a jam track you can try this progression with:

zz: I like how it leaves you fingers in position to improvise.

Lyle: Yes, this chord shape puts your hard in position to play riffs from the major pentatonic scale.

Lyle: Here's another way to play the A and B chords. You'll be using the 6th, 5th, and 4th strings:

Lyle: And here's a different way to play the A and B chords:

Lyle: Here's a video of me playing all three rhythm progressions against the jam track:

zz: Can we throw some minors to spice it up?

Lyle: If you want, you can call these chords the relative minors of E, A, and B.

Lyle: The E is like a C#m, the A is like a F#m, and the B is like a G#m.

Lyle: Here's a jam track with the bass guitar notes going from C# to F# to G# to F#. Don't change with you play, just play the same chord shapes.

Lyle: By playing those chord shapes along to the C#m jam track you get minor sounding chords.

zz: good stuff

Lyle: That's all for this lesson. Thanks and see you again soon!
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