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Guitar Essentials

Part 11 - Walking Bass Lines

Lyle: In guitar playing you don't always have to play chords or lead all the time, you can also play the bass line.

Lyle: It's fun to know a few different standard bass runs on the guitar, keeps them bass players on their toes.

Lyle: Check out this little riff used for E:

Lyle: v = down stroke, ^ = up stroke with the pick. Watch the video and you'll see how smooth I play it using the down and up strokes.

Lyle: Put a slight palm mute on the bass strings too.

Lyle: Here's a looping jam track for this riff. Try playing right along with me.

Lyle: How we doing with it?

zz: Looks simple but a little tricky.

Lyle: Listen back to the TAB and notice each note rings clearly. Does yours?

Lyle: Next, try playing over one string, starting on the A string:

Lyle: Since this little jam is in E, you need to learn how to play this bass line in B too:

Lyle: This one is a bit tricky, you don't have open strings to help you out!

Lyle: Try playing all 3 riffs in a progression:

Lyle: Here's a looping jam track for the full progression:

Lyle: If you want to jam the chords for this progression, here's what I suggest:

Lyle: There you go, a simple little bass line you can learn to use for blues and country jams in E.

Lyle: That's all for this lesson. See you next time and have a good night.

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