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Guitar Essentials

Part 12 - Playing Country Style

Lyle: It's important to know how to jam in different styles. I will be showing you how to jam the blues, rock, metal, jazz, classical, Latin, swing, and tonight's lesson country.

Lyle: Here's the jam track you'll be using for this lesson:

Lyle: Most country jams use major chords.

Lyle: Here's the chords used in this lesson:


Lyle: The chord progression for the jam track is:

chord chart

Lyle: 8 bars/measures total. Starts and ends on E.

Lyle: Here's the real basic country rhythm guitar riff you should learn to play for this progression:

Lyle: The basic country style rhythm uses the "alternating bass" rhythm.

Lyle: Notice you pluck a bass note, then strum, then a different bass note, then strum, to complete one measure.

Lyle: How we doing? Can you play the rhythm riff right along with me? Click the loop button under the TAB so you can play right along with me.

Jerry: hanging in there

Jerry: no too difficult

Lyle: Good.

Lyle: Now you're going to learn a basic country style riff that you'll use for each chord.

Lyle: The three chords in the progression are all major related. So you want to think major pentatonic scales for each chord.

Lyle: For the E chord, the E major pentatonic:

Lyle: During the A chord you would use the A major pentatonic scale:

Lyle: Same with the B7 chord:

Lyle: Here's a basic country style riff made from the E major pentatonic. This riff you would play over the E chord during the progression:

Lyle: For this riff, use your pick on the 3rd string, then "claw" the 2nd and 1st strings with your index and middle fingers. Watch video clip.

Lyle: Now try putting that riff with each chord in the progression.

Jerry: it's hard for me to keep up with the changes

Lyle: Yes, try to think ahead.

Lyle: For more help with playing this style, check out Country Guitar For Beginners in the Riff Interactive catalog.

Lyle: Download it today!

Lyle: Next lesson we'll cover something bluesy.

Jerry: ok

Jerry: thanks

Lyle: By the end of this series you should be able to play a little something in several styles.

Lyle: That's all for this lesson, let me hear a yeee haw!

mick: great, thanks Lyle!

Lyle: I gotta go now so have a good night!

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