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Guitar Essentials

Part 14 - Playing Rock Style

Lyle: Good evening!

Lyle: Last couple of lessons covered how to play a couple different styles of music on the guitar. This lesson is about how to play a rock and roll jam on the guitar.

Lyle: You'll be working in the key of A and your chord progression is:

chord chart

Lyle: First you should learn how to play a basic rock n roll rhythm figure. Try this:

Lyle: Here's a looping jam track for this progression:

Support: You can slow down the tempo of the riff using the "tempo" button

Lyle: This rock n roll rhythm part is like something from the Chuck Berry era.

Lyle: Two scales I suggest trying are the A Major pentatonic and the A minor pentatonic:

Lyle: I like the use the Major pentatonic during the A and E chords, and use the Am pentatonic during the D chord.

Lyle: Here's an example. Be sure to listen to the TAB:

Lyle: Here's another example using the high octave scale patterns:

Lyle: Here's a solo mostly made from these scales.

zz: What the best way to practice a solo?

Lyle: The best way to learn a solo is one riff at a time. Then practice playing those riffs or the whole solo with the jam track.

Lyle: Here's another solo using the higher octave scale patterns:

Lyle: How we doing out there?

Tom: jamming

as: working, boss

Craig: gettin' it

zz: hangin in there....just absorbing the tabs

as: I would like if you gave tips on getting the sound, the pickups and amp settings

Lyle: For the rhythm try using a clean amp sound and then the bridge pickup.

Lyle: For the lead guitar tone you can try a number of different sounds.

Lyle: The "rock" style usually has overdrive added to the amp sound so try different amounts of overdrive.

Lyle: Too much overdrive can be muddy or too fuzzy sounding, which might cover up your basic tone, so go easy.

zz: Any suggestions on the plectrum you use. I just bought a stubby 1.0 and I love it.

Lyle: I use a medium heavy gauge pick.

Craig: Lyle, speaking of effects, the guys I play with want me to learn some Robin Trower "Bridge of Sighs" tunes. What type of effects do I need for that type of sound?

Lyle: Bridge of Sighs effects? You could get by with a thick chorus effect and a bunch of reverb. Be real careful that you don't use too much overdrive, try keeping the amp slightly clean and just be loud! I use a Uni-Vibe pedal effect for the Bridge Of Sighs sound.

MB: What other Scales would you suggest? For this type of Rock Jam?

Lyle: For this type of rock jam I suggest the a major and minor pentatonic scales to get that basic rock sound.

Lyle: That's all for this lesson, see you next time!

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