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Jam Sessions - All Blues Styles

Lesson 10 - Blues Shuffle In E

Lesson Sample

Lyle: In the last lesson you learned a Blues Shuffle in G. Let's transpose what you learned to the key of E, down three frets. Here's your new jam track and chord chart:

jam track - Blues Shuffle in E

chord chart

Lyle: You'll use the 1 - 4 - 5 chords in E for this jam. Here's a way I suggest you learn to play them:



Lyle: These are open position dominant chords. The B7 was a tough one for me when I was a beginner.

Terry:'s a great sounding chord, down low on the neck which allows you to play a B7 without having to do a bar chord.

Lyle: Try setting your electric to either a clean or slightly overdriven sound, a vintage tone.

Lyle: If you're going to learn to jam, you have to learn and practice playing a good rhythm riff. Here's rhythm riff 1 using the same muted up strum technique as you learned in Lesson #9:

rhythm riff 1 in E

rhythm riff 1

Lyle: Now try playing rhythm riff 1 along to the looping jam track.

Lyle: Here's the other rhythm riff pattern to try in this new key:

rhythm riff 2

rhythm riff 2 in E

Morrie: Alternate up and down strokes ?

Lyle: All down strokes for rhythm riff 2.

Lyle: Ready to learn a couple solos I made for this jam track?

blaise: Heck yea!

Lyle: For a blues in E jam like you have here, the E major pentatonic and E minor pentatonic scales are your best choices of scales to use while improvising:

Emaj pentatonic

Lyle: Here's is the popular E minor pentatonic:

Em pentatonic

Lyle: I like to use a combination of the major and minor pentatonic scale. Here's Lyle's modified pentatonic scale:

modified E blues scale

Lyle: Play the TAB back so you can see it on the virtual neck.

Lyle: This is a scale pattern I use to improvise with. It is a combination of the E minor and major pentatonic scales with the added flat 5 from the minor blues scale.

Lyle: Check out this solo and you'll see the scale in action. Playback the TAB for the solo and you'll see how the notes from the scale are used, or abused....

solo 1

solo 1

blaise: What kind of amp are you running out of?

Lyle: For this lesson I used a Rocktron Voodu Valve preamp direct into the pc soundcard.

Lyle: Here's another solo that starts out using the E major pentatonic, then the modified blues scale, then it follows the chords B to A to E at the end:

solo 2

solo 2

Lyle: Here's another solo that starts off with an ascending riff I like to do then it drops into the modified blues scale:

solo 3

solo 3

Lyle: Now you can pick and choose which lead riffs you like and try building your own solo. You should have a fair amount of stuff you can jam with now!

Lyle: See you at the next lesson!

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