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Jam Sessions - Funk Style - Lesson 8

Lyle: Grab your guitar and jam along! Join in on these jam sessions, which are designed to teach you theory and technique, rhythm riffs, chords, scales, riffs, and solos, as you play along to the jam tracks. Listen or watch the media clips below to see and hear what you'll learn in this lesson:

Jam Sessions - Funk Style - Lesson 8

Jam Sessions - Funk Style - Lesson 8

Lyle: You're going to be working in 4 different keys overall in this jam. First, we'll explore each key one at a time. Here's the first jam which is in Gm:

Jam Track in Gm

Lyle: It's based off two chords, Gm and C9. Here's how the funk style rhythm is played for it:

rhythm riff for Gm

rhythm riff in Gm

Lyle: These two chords are the ii - V chords in the key of F major. This means you can use any mode in the key of F while you improvise/jam to this groove. Here's an example of a few riffs I came up with over this jam in Gm:



Lyle: You can see I stuck to the G minor theme in this solo. I used G Dorian, the minor pentatonic, and the Gm7 arpeggio mostly. I also used the C major arpeggio, which is the V in the key of F. I hope you can pull ideas from it, even if playing/copying some of the riffs is hard.

Lyle: Let's try a new key, Bbm. You'll do the same riff, same chords, same groove up 3 frets:

Jam Track in Bbm

rhythm riff for Bbm

Lyle: The Bbm and Eb9 chords are the ii - V in the key of Ab major. This means you can play any mode in the key of Ab against this jam. Here's a little example:

Bb Dorian example

Lyle: Be sure to "listen and watch" the TAB file so you get a better idea in your head how these scales work against the jam.

Lyle: Let's move the whole jam up 3 more frets to C#m:

Jam Track in C#m

Lyle: Now you're playing the C#m to F#9, which are the ii - V in the key of B!

rhythm riff for C#m

Lyle: You can use any mode from the key of B major against this C#m jam. Here's a little example:

C# minor pentatonic example

Lyle: Notice when you look at the virtual guitar neck playback the TAB file, you'll see all the notes in the key of B all over the neck, then you'll see the scale riffs being played.

Lyle: Let's change keys one more time! Go up 3 more frets and play the same riff. You'll be playing Em to A9:

Jam Track in Em

rhythm riff for Em

Lyle: These are the ii - V chords in D major, so you can play any mode in the key of D against these two chords.

Lyle: Here's a little example how the E Dorian, D major, and the relative minor of D major all work well against this jam:

E Dorian example

Lyle: Let's put all 4 keys in one big jam track. You'll play each key for a total of 8 measures, then switch to the next key. Here's your chord chart:

chord chart

Lyle: This should look familiar, you just learned all four of these keys in that order.

Lyle: Here's a jam track for the full jam:

Jam Track in Gm-Bbm-C#m-Em

Lyle: The best advice I can give you as you practice improvising over all four keys, is to keep it simple and bluesy, use the minor pentatonic and play your favorite blues riffs during each key. Just remember to move to the new key!

Lyle: Hope you all had fun jamming with me! See you at the next lesson. If you would like to get custom private lessons with me that you can download to your computer, email me at and let me know how I can help you. Thanks, Lyle

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