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Jam Sessions - Rock Style

Lesson 3 - Jam In Am

Here's your jam track for this lesson which is in the key of Am. Your third finger can press down on the G bass note during the second chord.

chord chart

Lyle: Here's the strumming pattern for the jam track. You can use an acoustic or an electric guitar for the rhythm riff. If you use an electric guitar, try setting up with a clean tone and use the neck pickup. V = down stroke, ^ = up stroke.

Lyle: Use a clean amp sound and neck pickup for this rhythm part. The neck pickup has a fuller sound which is good for strumming with a clean tone. Try all the different tone/pickup options you have so you can hear the different sounds you can get.

Lyle: The A minor blues scales is a great scale to use when improvising or jamming over this progression. Give this TAB file a listen so you can hear how it sounds against the jam track.

Lyle: Does anyone know what major scale you could jam with over this chord progression?

Jamin: F#?

dh: F# major

jerry: C major

Lyle: C is right! The C major scale has a relative minor scale - Am. In the key of C major the 1 - 4 - 5 chords are C, F, and G.

Lyle: This progression uses F and a type of G, and the Am which is the 6th (VI) chord in C.

Lyle: Here's the relative minor scale, Am:

jerry: This is an easy progression for a Santana sound

Lyle: Yes it is. It's also the same chord progression for the solo section in Stairway To Heaven.

Lyle: When you use these scales to jam with, it's easy to sound good. They are so melodic sounding and seems like any note sounds good at any time during the progression. Here's a basic solo using the notes from the A minor scale:

Lyle: To tap the harmonic at the end of the solo, hold down the 2nd fret of the 3rd string while you tap on top of the 14th, 9th, and 7th frets.

Lyle: That's a little Van Halen trick.

Lyle: Here's another example of a solo made from the A minor scale:

Lyle: Now you can jam these scales and the chords along to the jam track. Teach the riffs to your friends and jam together! Try to memorize the scales in this lesson if you don't know them, they are very useful scales and can be used in many other rock jams.

Lyle: Practicing scales is always a good thing to do. You don't need to practice them fast, but just make them sound good. Use a little vibrato, go slow and listen to each note, make each note sound as good as you can.

Lyle: That's why I made these "solo examples" from scale runs so you too can, hopefully, easily do them and hear how important a scale can be when "jamming".

Lyle: That's all for this jam.

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