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Jazz Guitar For Beginners

Lesson 10

Lyle: In the past lessons you've worked very hard on chords and progressions. This lesson is all about the jazz melodic minor scale. It is very much like a plain Major scale but with a flatted 3rd degree.

C D E   F G A B - C Major scale
C D Eb F G A B - C melodic minor

Lyle: Here's the first pattern for the C melodic minor scale:

Lyle: You should memorize this pattern, then practice playing along to this jam track:

Lyle: Be sure to playback the TAB notation so you can see the pattern as it is displayed on the virtual fretboard. Then use the image pattern to help you improvise using just these notes while the jam track is playing.

Lyle: Here's pattern 2 for the C melodic minor:

Lyle: There are 3 more patterns to learn:

Lyle: It's an odd sounding scale to me. It has a major/Lydian tone to it, yet the flatted 3rd provides a blues sound.

Lyle: And it sounds a lot like the harmonic minor.

TomH: It sounds like something from a spy movie.

Lyle: You've worked on that scale in these past lessons. The C harmonic minor has a b3 and b6.

C D E   F G A   B - C major scale
C D Eb F G A   B - C melodic minor
C D Eb F G Ab B - C harmonic minor

Lyle: Here's all 5 patterns. It's looks interesting if you view all 5 patterns on the virtual fretboard. Then you can make your own little patterns and riffs from any of the notes you see. Find your own patterns:

Lyle: The highlighted notes are all C notes, the roots.

TomH: Do you memorize patterns in groups like this Lyle?

Lyle: Yes. I'll start with one pattern and play it ascending and descending a few hundred times....then move to the next pattern and do the same.

Lyle: Make sure you're playing the correct notes. You don't want to waste time practicing the wrong way. Plus, you want to be training your ear to recognize the unique sound of the scale.

TomH: That makes sense.

Lyle: In the lesson sample you hear a little solo being played. I made this solo from 4 riffs within this C melodic minor pattern. It's a combination of patterns 3 and 4:

mike: I try working on 1-string patterns to get the sound and feel ,then I will try the ascending & descending.

Lyle: Good idea. Next is the 4 little riffs I used to make the solo. Try learning the riff, then loop the TAB and play along with it until you got the riff memorized.

Lyle: You might have to slow that riff down a bit....I just blazed through the whole scale pattern.

Lyle: The next riff is made from all double-stops. These will be octaves:

mike: Ha ha, thats sweet!

Lyle: The next riff descends:

Lyle: The next riff just copies a little "box" pattern found on the 2nd and 3rd strings:

Lyle: Put all 4 little riffs together and you have the same solo from the lesson sample above. Here's a video of all 4 riff being played:

Lyle: There is a short chord progression used in the jam track, centered around the key of Cm:

mike: I took the solo riff 2 and looped it, mixed up some of the scales you gave us, "much fun!

Lyle: Very cool idea!

marko: Is it a I IV V progression?

Lyle: Yes, It stays on the Im (Cm) for 4 bars, then the IV7 - V7 - IV7 - V7  (F9 - G9).

Lyle: Here's a couple more jam tracks of this progression you can work with:

Lyle: The jam track with guitars has the solo in it, to help you play right along with me.

Lyle: That's all for this lesson. Practice real hard on this scale. It's one that all the jazz cats use.

Lyle: Thanks everyone for hangin with me during this series of jazz lessons. It's been fun!

Lyle: I'll make more jazz style lessons in the future. I have some jazz song standards in the RiffInteractive format available for download if you want more to study, email me for info. Also check out my other lessons titled Jam Sessions - Smooth Jazz Style, I'm sure you'll enjoy those lessons too. Thank you very much for your purchase and have fun! - Lyle

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