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 teacher - Lyle Ronglien

Welcome to the weekly LIVE guitar lessons.

Tonight's lesson is about licks and patterns that are moveable all over the fret board. This is an in depth look at the material covered in last week's Lick of the Day.

Here's a sample of some of those licks.

Lyle: Hi everyone! Glad you are all here tonight. Everybody in tune?!

Lyle: I have the first jam track right here.

Lyle: And here is the tab for any of you that would like to know how to play the jam track.

Jan: easy enough

Lyle: I've created a second jam track for all of you. All of tonight's lick can be played over these looping jam tracks.

Lyle: Tonight we're going to work in the key of E major.

Lyle: Who knows which notes those would be?

Jan: e f# g# a b, c# d

Lyle: Good jan, but the D should be a D#

Lyle: Here's a picture of the E maj9 chord.

E maj9 at 7th fret

Lyle: Here is a tab for the E major scale on both E strings.

Lyle: Here's a sample of how you can simply improvise the single string scale.

Lyle: Remember, there are two looping jam tracks at the top of the lesson. Any examples tonight can be played over both.

Lyle: Does everyone know how to play the E major scale all over the fret board?

jeremy: Teach what amp are you using? It sounds sweet.

Lyle: Jeremy, it's a Voodu Valve from Rocktron.

jeremy: Are you using an Ibanez?

Lyle: I play a Brian Moore guitar, Jeremy.

Lyle: The next tab is all the notes on the fret board in the key of E.

Lyle: This tab layout shows all notes in the key of E, with the roots highlighted.

Support: when you click on the notation on the left, it appears in the upper-right

Support: then press the 'play' button to see it all on the virtual guitar neck

Lyle: Make sure you load and play so you can see it on the fret board.

Lyle: We need to see the whole fret board tonight in different ways so we can see the moveable patterns within.

Lyle: A good test for some of you is to play just the roots as fast as you can.

Lyle: Here is another view of the patterns within.

Lyle: The tab here isn't to read, It's for the neck. Resize the neck and view the tab on it.

Lyle: Ok, here is a view of repeating "box" shapes on the first and second strings.

JackTackett: Is using an acoustic going to make some of this much harder?

Lyle: Not really, Jack. We aren't bending any notes here.

Lyle: See all the simple box patterns that show up on the neck?

Jan: I didn't realize the major pattern was so easy on the 2 strings

Lyle: Jan, it helps to see it this way!

Lyle: Ok now for lick 1.....

Lyle: Here's the tab for lick 1.

Tim: I bet you can transpose these down one octave

Lyle: Yes Tim, and once you learn the patterns, they can be moved to any key.

JackTackett: You probably could take them down an octave

JackTackett: how do you get the pulloff to work that quickly?

Lyle: Jack, that's a developed technique.

Lyle: Did you know that you can play your favorite minor pentatonic pattern 3 different places in the key of E?

Lyle: In the key of E major, you can play the minor pentatonic shape in 3 places, of the 2nd , 3rd, and 6th degrees. Here comes the tab to show you .

MB: Using the Dorian, Phrygian and Aeolian modes?

Lyle: Yes MB!

MB: I've never looked at it like that. But, it works

Lyle: These next riffs are based around the pentatonic shapes.

Lyle: lick 3 is a tab of moveable pentatonic shapes using just the 1st and 2nd strings.

Lyle: Lick 4 is using the minor pentatonic shapes on 4 strings at each "modal" position.

Lyle: Thank you all for coming tonight. Next week's LIVE lesson will be on improvising over the Lydian mode. Check out this week's Lick of the day to get a head start!

Lyle: Good night everyone!!

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