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teacher - Lyle Ronglien

Tonight's topic is the Lydian mode.

Lyle: Here's the jam track you'll use tonight.

Lyle: Here's the A Lydian scale.

Lyle: The scale tones are Root, 2, 3, #4, 5, 6, 7.

Lyle: A reminder....Most of the tab posted here tonight is meant to be viewed on the virtual fretboard.

Jan: it's a #4 difference from the major scale?

Lyle: The notes in the Lydian that stand out are the 3rd, #4, and 7th.

Lyle: Jan, the #4 is the only difference from a major scale.

Lyle: The Lydian is the fourth mode of a major scale.

EC: so you are playing a perfect fourth to the major scale

Lyle: EC, yes you start on the perfect 4th of a major scale and go up an octave from there.

Lyle: Here's a look at the scale on the 1st string.

Lyle: Here's a sample lick using just one string.

Lyle: As you might have noticed, the Lydian has a "eastern" sound to it.

Jan: what chords are being used in the background track?

Lyle: Chords on the background track are B and A.

Lyle: Here's a look at the scale over 6 strings.

Lyle: The Lydian was used all over the recordings made by  progressive rock guitarists Satriani and Vai.

Jan: why lydian so much?

Lyle: Jan,It gave them a sound nobody else was using much at the time.

Lyle: The next video and tab lick shows how you can solo within the pattern over the 6 strings.

Lyle: In lick 1, you might notice how the solo tends to center around the highlighted notes from the earlier tab (6 string pattern)

Lyle: Since the A Lydian we are working with tonight is the 4th mode in the key of Emaj, we can play the Emaj7 arpeggio. This is what lick 2 is showing.

Lyle: View the next tab on the fretboard to see the relationship between Emaj and A Lydian scales.

Lyle: The 6th string from E to E is the E major scale, the 1st string from A to A is the A Lydian. They share the same notes.

Jan: they are the same?

Lyle: Yes Jan, but they have a different sound when you play them from E to E, or A to A.

Lyle: Check out this next example of playing a E major scale lick over the A Lydian jam.

Jan: why is Emaj different than A lydian?

Lyle: Jan, the Lydian has a raised 4th giving it a different sound than a major scale. Try playing an E major scale, then play an A Lydian scale and see if you hear the difference.

Lyle: Here a tab that you must load onto the virtual fretboard to view. This has all the notes in the A Lydian mode.

EC: what the numbers with the circle around them stand for

Support: circled notes are highlighted in a different color on the fretboard

Support: to show the root notes in this case

Lyle: Here's another view of all the notes with a couple of patterns highlighted.

rags: Hey Lyle, have you played on anything we may have heared??

Lyle: Rags, no I haven't but I you might soon. I just finished a CD with the drummer Jonathan Mover. He's played with Satriani and Gambale among others.

Skedman: Wow what's it called?

Lyle: The CD is being mixed starting this week in New York. Go to:

Lyle:The Joe Blair Project "Watch out for the Curve"

rags: cool...ya ever do any jingles??

Lyle: Yes I did one this summer for Advanced Wireless Solutions and VoiceStream.

Lyle: Good Night!

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